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Air humidifier

Room humidifiers from Brune, Honeywell, DeLonghi, Castle, Venta and Wick

90 percent of our lifetime is spent indoors. And that gets us in the winter just does not look good. The skin is wrinkled, watering eyes and scratched his voice. Whether at home or office - a poor indoor climate ruined their health. KlimaLex gives tips for a good and healthy indoor climate.

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It creaks in the wood, the flowers hang their sheets. And you even notice it in the respiratory tract - the room air is too dry. For optimal health in the room would be a humidity of 40 to 60 percent. But if it is warm and cozy inside, the hygrometer shows less often (partially under 30% humidity) at. If it is dry and cold outside, also benefits the ventilation is not very much. Because cold air currents do not bring much moisture inside.