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Brune B500 - Professional mit BIO-Filter

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Product number: Brune_B500
Manufacturer: Brune
Datasheet : PDF ICON

Electronic humidifier Brune B 500 Profesional

Evaporation Humidifier B 500 Professional for rooms up to 420 m² (1000 m³).

Mobile air humidifier and cleaner, corrosion-free plastic casing, electronic control by radio hygrostat electronic water level display, 4-step fan with automatic function.

Everything under control - The well-structured control panel shows you whatever you need to see. And with the easy-to-use remote control you can change the settings of the air flow and the air humidity values according to your requirements. It is impossible for unauthorised persons to change the settings.

A UV-lamp kills germs and bacteria. The mercury low pressure lamp used in our devices operates in the UV-C range whose wavelenght kills most microorganisms. In this way, the water for the humidifier is disinfected efficiently and enters the water circulation of the device with a considerably reduced number of germs.

The lime conversion cartridge changes the molecular structure of lime in such a way that it can no longer form deposits on the surface in the humidifier.
Permanent magnets are used to generate a magnetic field along which the water is transported in the humidifier. Thus, clean, delimed water with a drastically reduced number of germs is continuously supplied to the filter.

Technical details
Electric supply: 230V /~ 50Hz
Performance intake: max. 95 VA (without special equipment)
Evaporation performance: 2,6 ltr./h at 25°C and 20% r.h.
Air flow: 900 m³/h
Supply connection: 3,5 m
Operating noise: 32-44 dBA (depending on blower position)
Evaporation filter surface: 3,5 m²
Water supply: 50 ltr.
Color by KlimaLex: white, grey or anthracite
Use for rooms up to 1000 m³
Suitable for humidor up to 50 m³ at 70 % r.h. without cooling
Dimensions (W x H x D): 75,5 x 62,0 x 36,5 cm

Datasheet :Brune B500 - Professional mit BIO-Filter (PDF) -> Open in a new window.

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