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Insect killers

The protection against insects is a steady runner for trade. Here we supply you insect killers, that can be installed for indoor use in the home and in potentially hazardous areas such as grain, animal feed and coal storage facilities, flour mills, sugar factories and large bakeries and suchlike.

The lamps must be installed away from principal light sources (windows etc.) and away from strong draughts which could disturb the flight of the insects. Avoid installing the bug killer near to production areas; the aim is to attract the insects away from these areas.
The ideal position is between entrances and production areas so as to catch the insects before they reach critical production points.

Further information about Insect protection can be found at End of this page.

UV-A lamp - Low pressure mercury vapour tubes. This uv-a lamps are made of a fluorescent plated glass tube containing two electrodes. Luminous emissions of uv-a lamps are comprehended between 300 and 400 nm, with peak at 365nm. For uv-a lamp is meant a light source that issues electromagnetic radiation mainly in the range of the ultraviolet and, to a negligible extent, in the field of visible light. ATTENTION: - The special lamps contained only serve to attract insects in connection with the called insect traps and neither suited to the room lighting in the household nor intended for use in other applications.