Quiet, effective and cost effective

According to a WHO study, indoor air is much more polluted than outdoors. As a result, more and more people are choosing to purchase an air purifier such as the Air Genius at KlimaLex. Designed primarily for cleaning household VOCs, this air purifier is especially a fitting solution for the home.

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Weight 7.5 kg

Performance and applications

The Air Genius 5 is a high quality and effective air scrubber designed for premises up to 112 m² in size. This air purifier is correspondingly powerful, as evidenced by the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 273 m³ per hour. So even in larger premises a good air purification is given. This English-designed air purifier was primarily designed for home use, but can also be used in an office or in a doctor's office. Especially when animals are in the house or when cooked several times a day at different times, this air scrubber helps to remove the odors of food such as garlic or onion odor and the odors of a litter box. Even during renovations such as painting the walls or painting the furniture, the odors can be removed quickly. But not only smells, but also pollen, fine dust, skin and animal scales as well as mold spores. This air purifier absorbs 99.97% of the microscopic particles in the air. These include smells, hair or house dust as well as smoke particles. Particles that are sometimes bad for our health.

5 modes for optimal air purification

The Honeywell air scrubber has 5 different air purification modes
  • Sleep: This mode is useful for nighttime operation in the bedroom or nursery. Also for people who are sensitive to noise or if, for example, you are working on a computer.
  • Pathogens: This mode is recommended, inter alia, for premises with mold. Viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms are also filtered by the Air Genius 5 from the intake air. All air particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.
  • General: Normal operation as it is used most of the time. The background noise is stronger than in sleep mode. At the same time, the filter performance in general operation is higher.
  • Allergens: With this mode, users benefit from efficient allergen elimination. For example, house dust or mites. The use of this mode is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Max: This mode is recommended if a quick air cleaning is desired. For example, if a meal has just been prepared or if you want to remove other odors in a room. If the operation is still audible for people who are sensitive to noise, Max Mode is recommended shortly before going to sleep to purify the air in the bedroom.

Construction and appearance

Measuring approximately 25 cm wide, 68 cm high and 25.5 cm deep, the Air Genius 5 is not the smallest air purifier. However, this towers more in the height than in the width. This brings several advantages. So this air washer fits into smaller niches and is not unnecessarily in the way around. In addition, this home appliance can be conveniently operated while standing due to the high height. This is not insignificant, especially for older people, who do not find it easy to stoop. With a weight of about 7 kg, no great force is required to move to the next room. In black, the look looks elegant and modern at the same time. The control panel is illuminated, which means there is no problem finding the right setting keys even in the dark. The touchscreen is also pretty big. The individual function keys are also large and easy to read. A practical detail is the illuminated foot. This is when walking through a dark room no danger that someone falls over the Honeywell air purifier. In blue the foot lighting also works at night when sleeping are not disturbing.


The Air Genius 5 air cleaner is delivered ready for use. A positive aspect for those who do not want to spend too much time assembling and want to put the new household appliance into operation immediately. Centrally in the middle are the adjustment buttons for the 5 cleaning modes already presented in the article. To the left is the timer, where users can choose the duration of the air purification variably between 2 and 12 hours. To the right of the modes, owners of this air scrubber will see the status of the filters. In addition, the oscillation can be adjusted and the integrated lamp can be switched on and off.


The filtration of the air takes place by means of four filter stages:
  • The K pre-filter cleans the intake air of larger particles and removes bad odors.
  • In the second filtration stage of the activated carbon filter is used. This also cleans the air of VOCs such as road traffic emissions or tobacco smoke.
  • The third stage is the HEPA filter, which absorbs minute particles as small as 0.3 microns. For example, pollen, house dust or the scales of a dog or a cat.
  • The fourth filter stage is the ionizer, which further enhances the performance of the air scrubber.
  • The cleaned air is released back into the room so that, for example, allergy sufferers can stay in the same room as the dog.

Care and cleaning

The care and cleaning of the Air Genius 5 air scrubber is simple and cost effective. The leachable filter speaks for the latter point. This eliminates the need to buy a new primary filter. This not only reduces the costs, but also the effort. The filter can be reached easily by removing the front with the louvers. Afterwards the filter is taken out and washed out with clear water. In the next step, the washed-out filter is dried. Following this, the primary filter can be returned to the air purifier. Practically, at the top of the part that pops out, users are shown the direction in which the filter is inserted. In contrast to the main filter, the pre-filter should be replaced every 3 months according to the manufacturer. So that future owners do not have to buy a new pre-filter immediately after 3 months, a second pre-filter is included in the scope of delivery.

Honeywell features Air Genius 5 HFD323E

One of the special features of this air purifier is its rotating operation, which allows air to be attracted to the rear, then cleaned and delivered to various areas of the room. Turning operation is optional and can be switched on or stopped at any time. Another highlight is the illuminated foot area. The brightness can be variably adjusted to personal needs.


  • Five purification levels for different uses and health
  • Very quiet operation thanks to Quiet technology
  • 4-stage filtration filters particles larger than 0.3 microns
  • Illuminated foot provides visibility in the dark
  • Washable main filter reduces maintenance and consequential costs
  • Large and easy-to-use touch screen
  • Optional activatable rotatable operation
  • Thanks to timer automatic shutdown of the air washer, for example, during the night

Air Genius concluded

Anyone who values health or wants to reduce odors or house dust in the home or office, gets the Air Genius 5 air washer a powerful and well thought-out device. For rooms up to 112 m², for example, the air of the living room and kitchen can be cleaned. With 5 different modes are enough cleaning modes available. With the Pathogens mode, for example, a mode for the cold-threatening season to prevent flu diseases. But also to get rid of annoying odors. This air purifier captures up to 99.9% of all microscopic particles. However, with the sleep mode, the operation during the night hours is no problem. Simple operation, uncomplicated cleaning and lower costs due to the washable filter are further factors that speak in favor of this air purifier.

Your KlimaLex Team