Qualitatively and functionally high quality air scrubber

The HPA100 is a state-of-the-art, advanced and functional air purifier designed to clean rooms and rooms up to 21 m². Thanks to the HEPA filter system, future owners will no longer have to worry about their health in terms of indoor air. Pet owners also benefit from the healthy indoor air such as allergy sufferers or people who just do not want to perceive bad odors in their household. However, this KlimaLex air purifier is also a good choice for use in doctors' rooms, operating theaters and laboratories.

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199,99 €

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Weight 4.8 kg
99,99 €

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Base price per piece: 50,00 €
24,99 €

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Base price per piece: 24,99 €

Classic color and functional design

With white coloring, this air scrubber is plain and well processed. Not surprising, because the technology group has many years of experience not only in the construction of air cleaners. This can be seen through the round and well-thought-out design, whereby an optimal exchange of air (360 °) is given. In addition come with a length of 38.1 cm, width of 26.7 cm and a height of 38.6 cm compact dimensions. This makes it easy to put this Honeywell air purifier on a desk or unobtrusively in a smaller corner accommodate. With a weight of about 4 kg, not much effort is required for adjusting as well as carrying it to another floor.

User-friendly touchscreen

Settings such as selecting a cleaning level are made on the top. This home appliance convinces by its user friendliness. Central in the middle is the power button, with which the air scrubber is switched on and off. On the left side is the timer, which allows an automatic shut-off of the air purifier after 2, 4 or 8 hours. For example, before going to bed or when leaving the house. Right next to it are two filter indicator lights that indicate the required change. There is a separate filter change indicator for the activated carbon filter as well as for the HEPA filter. To the right of the on and off button, one of the three cleaning levels can be selected.

  • Allergen: This cleaning step is recommended for allergy sufferers or when, for example, a visitor with cat allergy announces itself.
  • General: Normal operation when the device overflows the entire day.
  • Germ: In environments where bacteria and germs occur. For example, in a hospital or in an operating room. Even when used in laboratories, this cleaning stage is a suitable choice. But even for private household use, this purification stage is not superfluous. For example, during the cold season and when there is a risk of a cold.

To the right of the selection buttons for the purification stages is the turbo mode. When pressed, the device operates at full power. This is, among other things, after a cooking course, if the food odors from the kitchen want to be removed. Even if unpleasant animal odor spreads or if the room air is to be released quickly from gases, the turbo mode is convenient.

Air purifier with efficient filter system

The Honeywell HPA100WE4 Air Scrubber has a Hepa filter technology that detects 99.97% of the microscopic particles. More specifically, this HEPA air purifier filters out 10,000 particles passing through the filter 9,997. Only particles smaller than 0.3 microns are not filtered or cleaned. Among other things, this can be viruses and bacteria, whereby the risk of catching a cold is reduced by using this air scrubber. Also, this air cleaner takes on FOVs. Therefore, medical or chemical laboratories are also suitable as a field of application. If the front part is removed, owners of this air washer get to the filter media. In the front area is a so-called pre-filter, which absorbs larger particles but also odors and gases. As a result, for example, strong smell of tobacco, the smell of food or strong smell of perfume is reduced. The activated carbon filter as pre-filter must be changed regularly. The change interval is according to the manufacturer's information 3 to 4 months. Behind the pre-filter is the HEPA filter. This filters even small microorganisms such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, mites, skin and animal scales etc. The interaction of both filter media results in a combination that provides better indoor air and better health in rooms up to 21 m². The durability of the HEPA filter is about 1 year. However, the filter can also be used for 2 to 2.5 years. Decisive is the intensity. Thanks to the filter display, owners do not have to deal with the change intervals for long. If a filter needs to be replaced, it will be shown to users electronically. If the change intervals are strictly adhered to, the maintenance costs amount to around 100 euros per year. At 33 watts, on the other hand, electricity costs are low. This makes this device a good option for continuous operation.

High cleaning effect at low volume

The fact that the Honeywell HPA100 is a sophisticated air purification unit is further demonstrated by the special fan design. These are constructed in such a way that hardly any background noise is perceivable. Especially with the two cleaning stages 1 and 2. This makes this air scrubber for use in a bedroom or nursery interesting. This is also supported by the existing dimming function, so that the lighting does not rob you of sleep. Even in the office or areas where communication with customers, the low noise is beneficial. People who are sensitive to noise will also appreciate the noise reducing fan design.

The special features of this air-washer at a glance

  • The combination of activated carbon pre-filter and HEPA main filter captures 99.97% of the microscopic particles and allergens are 0.3 microns and larger. These include cigarette smoke, spores, mold, pollen or animal dander, which has a positive effect on your health.
  • Improved air flow through round housing design
  • Electronic filter change indicator for activated carbon and glass fiber HEPA filter
  • Low noise due to clever construction of the fans
  • Thanks to compact design of space-saving air washer
  • Turbo mode for fast air purification
  • User-friendly air purifier
  • Low power consumption

When is the purchase of this HEPA air-washer worthwhile?

Many customer comments on the Internet confirm that the improved room air with this air cleaner is clearly noticeable after a short period of operation. For example, pollen allergy suffer significantly less with sneezing attacks, a runny nose, or watery eyes. Even the annoying smell of a dog or litter box in the house can be created with this air scrubber from the world. In general, odors that are unpleasant to perceive. This will save future owners the purchase of a room spray or scented candles. There are many reasons for purchasing this HEPA air purifier. Anyone who has always had the desire to own a pet, but has always renounced by an allergy, can fulfill the long-awaited wish with this device. People living in urban areas with high traffic can do something good for their health. From a health point of view, the acquisition is also useful in a house dust allergy or in hospitals and medical practices, where the concentration of bacteria and germs is greater than in a normal private household.

Summary Honeywell HPA100WE4 Air Purifier

Compact with a sophisticated design, this air scrubber is an extremely efficient device for purifying the air for improved health in smaller spaces. Examples include the patented housing design or the special design of the fans. Together with the efficient filter media, all prerequisites for healthy indoor air are given. Not only in rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms, but also in medical practices, operating rooms or laboratories. High-quality processed a technically mature device that can convince even by a low power consumption. Also due to low noise and a high degree of user-friendliness. If you want to buy a high-quality air purifier, makes no mistake with this device of the well-known technology company. Both in terms of function and in terms of durability, this air purifier can convince all around.

Your KlimaLex Team