Brune dehumidifiers are ideal helpers for room climate humidificatio

Dehumidifiers are needed in almost all rooms to counteract high humidity. Whether in the private home, in the office, in archives or museums, in shops or on a construction site, too high humidity is not good for anything and anybody. KlimaLex offers you various Brune dehumidifiers so you can find the right dehumidifier for your individual needs and premises. The high-quality products, which are based on more than 80 years of experience, help to noticeably reduce the humidity of a room or construction site by means of a strong dehumidification performance

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The advantages of a dehumidifier

Too high humidity has a bad indoor climate as a result and can also lead to mold, bacteria or fungal deposits, which are highly harmful to your health and can lead to serious illness, especially with infants, children, the elderly or already sick persons.

The room dehumidifiers by Brune are effective in reducing moisture in the air. In addition, they are easy to handle, the dehumidifiers are silent in operation and highly efficient in their energy consumption. Thanks to the integrated rolls, the dehumidifier of your choice can flexibly change its location. Whether you want to use your dehumidifier in the living room, in the office, in the basement, in the garage, in the bathroom or in the laundry room, you can simply roll it to the desired place.

Take a look at our assortment at KlimaLex and find a suitable dehumidifier for your individual place of usage.

High performance and good quality combined in one device from Brune

Our well-being increases drastically with a pleasant climate in the room. This pleasant room climate is created by a balanced proportion of moisture in the air. If the proportion of humidity is too high or too low, we humans do not feel well. Likewise, our pets or our valuables do not like a too humid or too dry room climate. Even the beautiful wooden floor and the building substance in general are affected by an extremely high-moisture indoor climate.

Excessively high humidity also increases the risk of mold that does not only cause health problems but can also cause damage objects stored, for example.
The devices for dehumidifying the air by Brune give the user the chance to adapt the climate to his premises and to his individual needs. So too damp rooms become part of the past.

The right dehumidifier for each of your areas

The range of Brune products offers the right solution for every individual application. To choose a dehumidifier from our range at KlimaLex, you first have to be aware of the size of the room where you have the Dehumidifiers primarily want to use.
If the room air in your chosen room is between 200 and 250 m³, the Dehumid 9 is a good choice to effectively counteract the humidity in the room. The dehumidifier Dehumid 9H is ideally suitable for rooms without any own heating, such as basements, attics or garages, because the dehumidifier with its integrated heating creates a nearly perfect room climate. Thus, furnishings and the building fabric of the house can be saved from decay.

If the room you wish to dehumidify is larger, you should consider the dehumidifiers Dehumid HP50 and Dehumid BT are recommended. These dehumidifiers are suitable for rooms up to 600 m³. So they can be used, for example, for drying construction sites or for the usage in museums or large archives. The dehumidifiers Dehumid HP50 and Dehumid BT have a very robust housing and an appealing design combined with a very high performance for dehumidifying the rooms that are too humid.
In addition, the dehumidifiers from the manufacturer Brune are highly efficient and easy to use. Therefore, the Brune dehumidifier can be set up and put into operation by anyone within a short time. No trained professional is necessary for this.

Operation, maintenance and cleaning of the Brune dehumidifiers

So that the moisture can be extracted from the air, the air is sucked into the device, the dehumidifier. The moisture that is then removed from the air, is collected in the practical water tank inside the dehumidifier. Optionally, a condensate hose can be attached, which would make the emptying of the collecting container superfluous, since the water can easily drain off. The dehumidified air is returned to the room air after this process and, depending on the model of operation of the device, for example with the dehumidifier Dehumid 9H, additionally heated.
The results of the use of dehumidifiers are a basement without mold, bacteria or fungus, dry rooms, long-term storable furnishings or the preservation of the building fabric of the building.
Cleaning a Brune dehumidifier is a breeze. If you have not installed a condensate hose, all you have to do is drain the water from the water tank by simply removing the water tank from inside the unit. After draining the water, simply put the water tank back where you took it from. To clean the housing, commercially available cleaning agents are absolutely sufficient for all Brune dehumidifier models. So you can easily rid the dehumidifier from dust or any construction dirt.

Alternatives and payment

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable dehumidifier, you will certainly find it at KlimaLex. If the Brune dehumidifiers are not quite what you are looking for, we recommend that you consult the Lübra dehumidifiers.

With us you can choose your preferred personal payment method. In addition to the payment by credit card and advance payment, we also offer the possibility that you pay by PayPal, direct debit or by Sofortüberweisung. Even a purchase on account is an option.

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