There are a variety of Brune humidifiers and about as many accessories. Below is a list of the accessories that you can buy for Brune humidifiers at KlimaLex.

Further information about Brune accessories that fit Brune devices can be found at End of this page.

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122,57 €

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Base price per meter: 81,71 €
23,68 €

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Weight 1.1 kg
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Base price per piece: 5,50 €
190,40 €

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Weight 1.1 kg
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These are organic humidifying mats. The pack contains two filters. They have a very high evaporation rate. Since the filters can easily be disposed of with household waste after use, they bear the name BIO-Filter. The item is available for the types B120, B125, B400 and B500.

Evaporation filter disk

The filter discs consist of a special open-pore filter foam. In this way, a large surface is created, which causes a particularly high evaporation performance. Although the humidifiers can be operated with normal tap water, a regular filter change is recommended. How often the filter has to be changed depends on the air pollution and the hardness of the water. Usually a change is advised after 12 weeks at the latest. The item is available for the Type B250.

Evaporator filter

The filter acts as an air purifier. Therefore, he should be replaced regularly. For reasons of hygiene, it is recommended to change every 12 weeks. Depending on the air quality, this may be more necessary. You can change the filter yourself with a few simple steps. The filter for type B300 also has a zipper, so that the ends of the filter can be connected to each other. The item is available for the types B280 and B300.

Cleansing Filter

The job of the cleaning filter is to purify the air. To ensure that this is done reliably and in good quality, the filter must be changed regularly. Of course, the frequency of change depends on how polluted the air is. However, for reasons of hygiene, you should replace the filter approximately every 12 weeks. The filter is located in the intake area of the humidifier. The item is available for the types B250, B280 and B300 .

Safety pressure hose for the inlet area

The hose is the connection between the appliance and the faucet. Inside there is a safety fabric. This detects a leak immediately and stops the water supply, so that leakage of water is prevented. The item is available for the types B250, B280, B300 and B500.

Collecting tray

Your function is to catch the escaping water in case of damage so that no water damage can occur at the place of installation. In it is also a water sensor, which can indicate a possible unwanted water leakage. In this way it helps that the device can react quickly in case of a case. It is placed below the device. For the type 500, it is available in the colors RAL 7022 anthracite, RAL 7035 gray and RAL 9001 creamy white. The item is available for types B250 and B500.

Water monitor with valve

He is an additional safety device. The sensor is located in the safety catch basin. If water comes to the sensor, it signals the error by a beep and stops the water supply. The item is available for the Type B300 .

Foam Filter

The foam filter can be used on both B400 and B500 devices. The filter is flocked with cotton and therefore very robust. It is therefore particularly suitable for rooms whose air is heavily contaminated. If the water is very calcareous, this filter should be used. The item is available for the types B400 and B500 .

UV sterilization and lime conversion cartridge

This item can not be retrofitted. If your humidifier should have this accessory, you will need to buy a new one. The installation of the article is free when you buy new. The UV lamp should only be used in the humidifiers as they are not suitable for any other applications. The item is available for the Type B500 .

Safety water sensor

The sensor is mounted under the device. As soon as there is an unwanted escape of water, the device is stopped to prevent water damage. In addition, a beep sounds and the error is displayed on the device display. Please note that this product can not be retrofitted, but is only intended for installation in a new device. The item is available for the Type B500.

Flushing device and drain hose

The flushing device has a pump and can easily replace the water in the water tank. In this way, dirt and lime deposits are avoided. The rinsing device can be operated manually but also automatically. The product can not be retrofitted due to its design. The drain hose for the flushing device can be purchased as a spare part. He has a length of 60 to 200 cm. The item is available for the Type B500.

Optima Limescale

This product prevents re-calcification. It is made from amidosulfonic acid and also contains maleic acid. The acids can cause serious skin or eye irritation. Please wear protective gloves and protect your eyes and face. The item is suitable for all types and is packaged in 1 l.

Fresh water

The water of evaporation can be contaminated quickly. Algae and germ growth are prevented with fresh water and limescale deposits are reduced. The result is not only a hygienically perfect evaporation water, but the improvement of the evaporation performance by up to 30%. Due to the ingredients, the article must be kept away from children and must not be allowed into water. The item is suitable for all types and is available in 1 l and 5 l packaging.

Automatic water supply

The automatic water supply allows the humidifier to be automatically and independently supplied with water. For safety reasons we advise you to use the automatic water supply together with the following accessories - water monitor, safety pressure hose, safety drip tray. Please note that the product can not be retrofitted. The item is available for the Type B300.

Activated carbon cleaning filter kit

This set allows you to replace the activated carbon filter of your humidifier. Be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • the flat side of the filter must point towards the device
  • the kinking of the activated carbon filter must be avoided
  • after inserting the filter must be connected to the plastic sleeves
  • the contact between the charcoal filter and the device housing must be prevented
  • the retaining tabs of the filter bracket must be the same distance as the holes of the filter; You can adjust the width of the filter bracket if you bend it very carefully.

This item is available for the Type B500.


This hood is preferred for church organs. It is placed on the humidifier or screwed with this. The humidifier is then controlled via a hygrostat. The item is available for the Type B500.

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