Brune B 500 Professional Humidifier with Bio Filter

The top-of-the-range humidifier, the Brune B 500 humidifier, is a large-capacity humidifier for large rooms up to 900 m³. Thus, even in large rooms, such as museums or archives, an ideal humidity can be achieved. The Brune humidifiers therefore offer a suitable solution for every room size to create a pleasant living and working environment, as well as to create the optimal storage conditions for valuable and sensitive objects, such as objects of art, by providing the air humidifier for storage-appropriate air conditioning. In this way, expensive works of art as well as valuable furniture, antiques and beautiful hardwood floors can be protected against deterioration, loss of value and unsightly distortion of the wood. With these capabilities, the Brune B 500 humidifier is ideal for use in, as already mentioned, museums and archives, but also for libraries, galleries and music rooms. But the possibilities of application certainly do not end here. Large-scale technical facilities, including computer rooms, telephone exchanges or even medical facilities, such as hospitals, have various options for using these humidifiers for large rooms. The humidifier B 500 Professional is well suited for public facilities, as it has a low-maintenance plastic housing, which is also corrosion-resistant. With its wheels and handy size, the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier can also be flexibly placed in any desired location or transported to the location.

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RRP 3.778,25 €
3.699,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 30 kg
RRP 3.778,25 €
3.699,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 30 kg

Modern technology combined with high performance – the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier

The Brune B 500 Professional humidifier for large rooms up to 900 m³ works on the principle of evaporation. The humidifier works with normal or treated tap water. The water tank, which is located in the lower part of the device for humidification, can hold about 50 liters and can be easily filled by hand. Alternatively, you can also connect an automatic water supply, which makes the filling by hand virtually unnecessary. In order to avoid spilling over of the water in the tank when moving or during transport, ie during any movement of the humidifier, the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier has bulkhead walls and protection against overflowing. Said water is passed in operation via a circulation pump to the Bio Labyrinth filter and then evenly drizzled and soaked. The adjustable fan, which has a vertical outlet, ensures draft-free operation. By means of this system the air is not only highly purified, but the filtered air is also moistened properly. The diodes, which have the water level in mind, determine the amount of water in the tank. To show the functions of the individual units, there are control lamps that make this possible. To prevent any damage to the unit, the humidifier automatically shuts off when the water supply is exhausted. In addition, a radio remote control can be used to control a humidity sensor that can maintain the desired humidity in the air of the selected room.

Benefits de Brune B 500 Professional Humidifier

The humidifier is already delivered ready to plug in, so no assembly or assembly of any kind is necessary. Thanks to its rollers, the humidifier can be used variably. It is economical in operation and therefore saves money. In addition, the device convinces by its quiet operation, which does not bother in any way. Limescale deposits can be avoided by using the optional lime conversion cartridge. This way, furnishings are protected against damage by limescale. To the performance of the humidification is added to the cleaning of the air of each room. The air is cleaned using a labyrinth filter system and an activated carbon filter set for cleaning. Thanks to the large filter surface of about 3.5 m², the Brune B 500 humidifier at KlimaLex has an extremely high performance in terms of evaporation. The electronically controlled infrared remote control also makes unattended operation possible, as well as the adjustment of the individually set values impossible by unauthorized persons, which makes the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier ideal for public facilities in which many people would have access to the humidifier. In addition, the measurement also takes place wirelessly via the radio sensor system. The digital control panel displays percentage readings and relative humidity readings on its display for a simple overview of the current situation. There is an indication of the time when a filter change is needed and an indication of the level of the water.

Operation of the Brune B 500 Professional Humidifier

The TÜV certified humidifier also offers visually the perfect solution for your request. It is the timeless design with the freedom to choose from three colors that make this possible. How to control the air humidification of your room professionally and in style, in order to adapt the relative humidity of the selected room to your individual needs and requirements.
The intuitive control panel shows you everything you need to see. It gives you information about the current water level, the current level of relative humidity, and any potential device malfunctions. With the uncomplicated infrared remote control you have the possibility to adjust the settings of the performance of the fan and the values of the humidity according to your individual wishes. In the menu level, you can adjust a wide variety of basic settings. Unauthorized persons therefore have no access.

Optional accessory for extending the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier

UV sterilization and lime conversion cartridge

The UV lamp is a low pressure mercury lamp operating in the UV-C range. The wavelength is able to kill most microorganisms. The UV lamp kills germs and bacteria in the water inside the humidifier so that the water is effectively disinfected for humidification.
The lime conversion cartridge makes it possible to change the molecular structure of the lime so far that the lime can no longer settle on surfaces inside and outside the device.

Automatic water supply

The refilling of the humidifier would then take over an electronically controlled solenoid valve, which automatically opens the water supply when we reach a minimum water level then again, at a predetermined maximum closes.


This option allows you to easily and conveniently change the water in the water tank, reducing limescale and dirt build-up. The flushing can be started either manually via the remote control or automatically.

Safety water sensor

The humidifier can be connected to a water sensor that immediately stops the unit in case of an uncontrolled discharge of water and emits a beep.

Water monitor with valve

The water monitor can act as an additional safety device when connecting the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier. When exceeding the maximum limit for the water, the water monitor can interrupt the water supply by means of a solenoid valve and yet triggers a beep.

Safety pressure hose

Inside, the hose has a safety fabric that detects a leak and automatically shuts off the water supply.

Collecting tray

In order to avoid any damage at the place of installation of the humidifier, the humidifier can be placed in the tub, which can catch it in case of water leakage.

Composition scoop

This optional accessory can be found in church organs, for example. The scoop is placed on the air outlet and the flexible aluminum ventilation hose directs the humidified air into the critical areas.

Combine your devices

Thanks to the integrated radio hygrostat, you can use the Brune B 500 Professional humidifier with the Brune Dehumid HP 50 dehumidifier in combination mode. So the relative humidity can be kept at a certain level.