Brune Replacement Parts - More Humidity for a Productive Work Environment

Open-plan offices and large-scale production areas are currently in vogue for mobile and flexible workplaces. But with this spacious use is also accompanied by a deterioration in the air conditions. Large production machines, various computer workstations and the large number of employees in a room are the cause of sometimes tiring and stressful climatic conditions in operation. However, the service sector, as well as the trade and industry sectors, can easily encourage staff motivation with a KlimaLex large-capacity humidifier. This also creates inviting and positive, health-promoting, working conditions.

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Use of the Brune humidifier

There are various circumstances that require the use of large-capacity humidifiers. Especially in winter, the entire workforce pays attention to turning up the heating, but rarely to the necessary compensation of the humidity. This relatively dry air plays a supporting role in progressive consequences. For example, risks for different materials are evoked. The following excerpt is only a small insight into the humidity dependent resources:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Textiles

But even the constant commissioning of machines, production equipment and computer systems including servers dry the air consistently. On the one hand, this leads to fatigue and a lack of concentration among the employees - a threat to the industrial sector and precision work. In addition, compliance with occupational safety plays an important role. Furthermore, dry air in the room promotes irritation to the eyes, nose and inhalation of all mucous membranes inside. The scope of this problem is thus comprehensive and, above all, cross-industry. With the large-capacity humidifier, however, this discrepancy can be easily eliminated and responded to the appropriate conditions. Production facilities, production halls, workshops and office complexes are transformed into productive and safe environments using this small device. Due to the universal use of the Brune humidity regulator, there are numerous applications of the small miracle weapon against dry air. Among other things, the humidity regulator is used in these industries:

  • production craft
  • Museums, galleries and exhibition halls
  • exhibition halls
  • open office
  • (works) laboratories
  • Production, Assembly Systems
  • (domestic) Printing
  • Antiques (handicrafts, furniture design)
  • music rooms
  • Attendants
  • computer rooms
  • libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • warehouses
  • Greenhouses
  • sales counters
  • Paint
  • tobacco industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Wine aging and aging in a wooden barrel

Humid air not only turns out to be healthy, it also prevents odor nuisance. The minimization of the electrostatic charge and the formation of dust are promoted with the optimum humidity in the room. In addition, the durability of any wooden furniture is extended - the creaking of the wooden floorboards and the cracks in the solid wood cabinet are demonstrably prevented. The creation of a fine mist guarantees even distribution at the site.

KlimaLex Tip: The evaporation surface should point toward the center of the space to allow for optimal distribution of the fog without obstruction or interference.

Advantages of Brune replacement parts

The primary reason for a replacement part is to look at the much cheaper budget compared to a new purchase. Occasionally, only small replaceable utensils and components prove to be necessary due to their wear. Especially the investment in other humidifier devices would be uneconomical from the perspective of the company. On the other hand, the idea of sustainability is more and more convincing. In today's times, new purchases are a waste of optional adjustments and repairs. The complete resources for a new device are in no reasonable relation to the cost of materials for small repair parts and the replacement of expected wear elements such as insulating rubber or supply hoses. Furthermore, the following aspects convince with regard to the brands own spare parts:

  • Fitting accuracy of components
  • High quality from the manufacturer
  • Warranty of functionality by the manufacturer
  • Simple reference by direct contact
  • Guaranteed quiet operation
  • Original components give stable and durable construction
  • Comprehensive availability in the manufacturer's warehouse
  • Possible offers or package offers of the producer

Obtaining replacement parts for the Brune series humidifiers gives companies and each user clear advantages over purchasing a new model.

Spare parts for different Bruneseries

Depending on the individual requirements, the purchaser has several copies of humidifiers in the product range. The area of the area to be optimized as well as the functional use of this space are primarily in the foreground. Due to the different construction methods of the technical devices, the replacement of components requires various separate spare parts. The availability follows in accordance with the respective standard model:

  • B 120/125 - This humidifier is great for living rooms and small sales counters. Its use for humidors also seems ideal. In addition, this model also creates a balanced air humidity in small commercial rooms as well as offices. A high evaporation capacity generates the use in areas up to 140 m³. In addition, it guarantees no moisture precipitation, which in turn allows use in the vicinity of technical equipment or computers. This convenient and effective technical solution to the dry air problem is particularly energy efficient.
  • spring
  • Filter base with water distribution and adhesive part
  • Filter rod with long rib (2)
  • Filter rod without rib long (6)
  • middle plate gray
  • Motor
  • Motor unit complete with pump and hose
  • pump cover
  • pump impeller
  • pump body
  • Pump hose with coupling
  • ram
  • Lower part white complete with felt feet
  • water level indicator
  • Water distribution with adhesive part
  • filling flap
  • Top with viewing window and filling flap
  • Lower part white with display holder and felt feet
  • Float complete
  • B 250 – The very strong evaporation performance of this model predestines it for use in premises larger than 140 m³ up to 500 m³. The regulation is fully automatic and, due to transport wheels, mobile and very flexible. Thanks to this powerful disc humidifier, the user can enjoy a simple control panel with the fully electronic control and a lowerable and space-saving technical device for humidity control. The fan speed can be increased without any problem according to the desired values.
  • discharge grilles
  • Built-in automatic water supply complete
  • Electrode rods with head
  • Filterarretierung
  • Filter Bock
  • filter frame
  • fan motor
  • Blower motor complete with ring and fan blades
  • housing water level indicator
  • Caseback plate with 4 castors
  • housing top
  • back panel
  • Appliance outlet Automatic water supply cable
  • gear motor
  • Handle protection including mounting bracket
  • Wire harness to board
  • castor
  • fan blades
  • air cleaning filter
  • Solenoid valve for automatic water supply
  • B 280/300 - Without complicated installation, this model with electronic control shines from the first second of commissioning. It is also suitable for both stationary and mobile applications in areas up to 600 m³. The constant room climate is generated fully automatically. With the aid of the humidistat and the desired relative humidity, this machine completely independently realizes the required evaporation. With this large-capacity humidifier, users enjoy the combination of functional performance and modern design. The clear display supports the individual control, economical operation and a 2-stage blower with air purification. Due to the relatively large filter surface, the evaporation performance is particularly impressive. The air in small spaces such as offices, living rooms and music venues can be optimized as well as in niches and laboratory cells.
  • cover for control panel
  • side panel cover
  • Drain pipe with spout for drip tray
  • drip pan
  • Fixing clamp
  • Keypad
  • gear motor
  • 3-pin female connector for cable sensor
  • 5-pin socket housing
  • UV lamp seal
  • filler door
  • Screw-in connection 8mm x 1/4 "G
  • Insert angle connector 8mm
  • Single contact for cable sensor
  • Electrode 145mm
  • Electrode 152mm
  • Electrode 48mm
  • Electrode 90mm
  • humidity sensor
  • B 400/500 – With this professional specimen, a room volume of up to 900 m³ can be brought to a constant level of humidity. The fully automatic production model offers a UV disinfection function and the self-regulating hygrostat. Expensive wooden floors, fine art objects and large-scale facilities benefit from this technical solution. An integrated self-diagnosis system, the 4-stage blower and a wireless hygrostat enable uncomplicated use in almost all rooms. The active cleaning filter set also gives a guaranteed longevity.
  • Cover box for power cord clamp
  • Basic board Professional
  • Basic board including additional board for steps
  • 1.5V battery for transmitter board
  • Battery for remote control
  • Organic Befeuchtermattenset
  • 3-pole fan
  • Cable 0.8m 3-pin for blower
  • Cable 0,8m for stage blower Professional 8-pole
  • Conversion kit complete from old electronics B 400/500 to B 500 Professional
  • 1.5V battery for transmitter board
  • Battery for remote control Professional
  • Organic Befeuchtermattenset
  • Bio-Replacement filter
  • Foam Evaporator
  • Foam Filters
  • protective sleeve
  • Electrode rod set (7 pieces with connection head)
  • demineralization
  • Professional remote control without batteries
  • Filter rods with rib
  • Filter rods without rib
  • Wiring harness for electrode rods
  • Clamp with 2 tabs for filters
  • castor
  • center panel anthracite

There are also other options available for upgrading various intermediate models of the individual series and the latest technical versions. In addition to radio transmitters - sometimes including a moisture sensor - or a corresponding attachment hood, the replacement of damaged components by means of replacement parts provided by the manufacturer can be implemented quickly and easily. The various stage blowers or a useful water monitor with valve can be integrated into the optimized functional circuit of these technical devices in a simple way. Various filter systems are available for a smooth process and increased longevity. Thanks to lime conversion cartridge, UV lamps, ionization cleaning filter with activated carbon, there is nothing in the way of long-term use of Brune humidifiers.

Your KlimaLex Team