Eco Neo III Ceiling Fans

The German company Casafan is one of the market leaders in the field of fan and ventilation technology. The specialist develops ceiling fans that provide a perfectly ventilated space. At KlimaLex they are available.

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Casafan was founded in 1984 and is located in Hasselroth in Hesse. The experienced supplier and market leader in European trade offers its models of the Eco Neo III series in three sizes. Thus, you can cool and warm small, medium and large rooms perfectly. Choose from different color combinations and customize the ceiling-mounted fan to your taste and decorating style!

Casa Neo of the third series with 103, 132, 152 and 180 cm diameter:

The renowned manufacturer offers this series in modern design in four different sizes. 103 cm diameter models are ideal for rooms up to 16 square meters, while 132 cm fans are perfect for rooms up to 20 square meters. For larger rooms, a model with a diameter of 152 or 180 cm is recommended. Choose the size of the fan according to your room! In contrast to fans that are not mounted on the ceiling, devices of the third Eco Neo series scoop the room air from top to bottom. Thus, you can look forward to a constant indoor climate. Thanks to forward / reverse running, the air in the summer is pleasantly cool, while in the cold season you can feel warm air on your skin.

No noise:

In contrast to models of the competition, the fans of the third Eco Neo series are characterized by absolute smoothness. Enjoy your night's sleep without disturbing wind noise, relax comfortably on the couch without annoying noise and enjoy the peace in the study or office, even if the fan is running at maximum power level.


The experienced manufacturer has equipped this series with six power levels. Thus, you have the opportunity to customize the performance perfectly to your personal needs. A special feature is the slow motion setting! Compared to conventional fans mounted on the ceiling, the power consumption of this series is more than 50 percent lower.

Maximum speed:

The maximum possible speed per minute is 235 revolutions. If you select a lower power level, the speed is minimized.

Remote Control:

If you purchase a model of the third Eco Neo series, you can look forward to the wireless remote control included in the delivery price. Thanks to this you can choose settings from the bed, the couch or the dining area and do not have to get up. Enjoy the high comfort of this easy-to-operate wireless remote control, with which you can control the forward / reverse operation on the one hand, and the six power levels including the slow motion setting on the other hand.


Casafan develops both innovative and energy-efficient fans, so it's no surprise that the experienced specialist patented the EC / DC direct-current motor technology. Thanks to this innovative engine technology, the energy consumption is sensationally low! The experienced supplier has equipped this series with a motor which is not only ball-bearing and life-time lubricated, but also dynamically balanced and self-cooling. In addition, the engine is equipped with a thermal overload protection to guarantee whisper-quiet operation. Hardly any other provider grants such a long warranty period as this German company. You can look forward to a 25-year warranty on the engine. The scope of delivery also includes a wall bracket for the motor!


Models of the third Eco Neo series have a high-quality housing that has been galvanized. Depending on the model, it is a clear-lacquered or double-enamelled housing, which is a real eye-catcher with its elegant design.


You can use the fans of the third Eco Neo range with either two or three blades. Alternatively, you can operate the fan with four blades. Some models have reversible blades. Consequently, you can choose between two designs.


The installation of the fan proves to be uncomplicated. Even laymen can fix the fan to the ceiling. It should be noted that the unit can only be mounted to the ceiling if the ceiling is straight or has a maximum slope of 16 degrees. If the room is higher, longer ceiling poles are available. The easy-to-install fans in this series require very little room height, as the ceiling bar has been shortened. The distance from the ceiling to the wings is only 22.5 cm. You can fix the fan to the ceiling with two screws with a minimum diameter of 4.5 mm. The distance between the screws should be 70 to 110 mm.

Energy efficiency:

At the lowest rpm, this optimized series consumes just 2.2 watts. Even at maximum power, these models require only 22 watts, despite powerful engines, while competing fans consume around 70 watts.


The multifunctional fan can also function as a ceiling light. Casafan has prepared this series for commissioning as a luminaire and you have the option of dimming the lamp. Create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time a pleasant indoor climate.


This series can be operated with a voltage between 110 and 240 volts.


Eco Neo III ceiling fans stand out from the competition due to the extremely energy-efficient operation, which, on request, allows longer ceiling poles and mounting for roof slopes up to 16 degrees. Other special features are the sleep timer, the light dimming as well as the forward / reverse.


The ceiling fans of the Eco Neo III series belong to protection class I. Thus, these models have the highest security level. In addition, the Eco Neo III ceiling fans meet the strict safety requirements of the EU. IP protection models defy even the most adverse conditions such as water and dust. Consequently, the use of a workshop, a conservatory or a factory hall is possible. Note that the maximum ambient temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. Casafan is committed to safety and has disrupted this series.


Environmentally conscious operation makes an economically sensible as well as environmentally conscious packaging big.


KlimaLex features efficient, fast processing and fast delivery times. The renowned company cooperates with the logistics partners GLS and DHL and delivers within Germany within a few days.

Spare parts:

Even after 25 years, Casafan keeps all spare parts and it is possible to reorder them even after years because the spare parts are in stock.

Price-performance ratio:

If you choose a model of the third Eco Neo range, choose a fan that offers excellent value for money. You get a high-quality, innovative and very well-made product with a long service life at a fair price!


The focus of owner-managed operations is customer service. Casafan also attaches great importance to expert technical advice and the friendly staff of the service team will assist you with any questions and will be pleased to assist you in the event of a problem.

Your KlimaLex Team