"Eco Elements" ceiling fan

Energiespar Deckenventilator Eco Elements

Energy efficiency curve Casafan Eco Elements Ceiling fan

Saving energy helps the environment and your wallet. The Eco Elements series saves energy in two ways: firstly, in winter, by returning the warm air accumulated under the ceiling to the floor area, and secondly, through a DC/EC motor with sensationally low consumption of 24 watts maximum! This has an approx. 60% lower power consumption compared to conventional ceiling fans with the same air performance. The Eco Elements ceiling fan from Casafan consumes a maximum of only 24 watts. The included remote control controls forward and reverse, as well as the motor with 6 levels.

The Casafan Eco Elements convinces not only in its performance, but also in its elegant choice of colors and sizes. It can be selected in the dimensions (diameter) 103 cm, 132 cm and 180 cm. You can find the different color combinations under the respective category:

Casafan Eco Elements 103, Casafan Eco Elements 132, Casafan Eco Elements 180

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RRP 389,00 €
349,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 7.6 kg
RRP 454,00 €
389,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 7.9 kg
RRP 399,00 €
369,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 7.605 kg
RRP 399,00 €
369,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 8.318 kg

The Casafan Eco Element ceiling fan convinces in every respect


✓ Diameter selectable: 103, 132 or 180
✓ shapely & classic design
✓ electroplated (metal finish) & clear lacquered (lacquer finish) case
✓ 5 multilayer wood reversible sashes lacquered or coated with decor and sealed as protection against moisture penetration


✓ Protection class l
✓ maximum ambient temperature 45°C
✓ radio interference suppressed


✓ ball bearing, lifetime lubricated & self-cooling motor
✓ dynamically balanced, with thermal overload protection for whisper-quiet operation


✓ powerful,quiet motor for best air performance of this ceiling fan
✓ optimized energy consumption
✓ less than 5 watts on lowest setting

Control of the Eco Element

Radio remote control included: ✓ 6 levels
✓ incl. slow motion stage
✓ Switching forward/reverse
✓ Luminaire dimming (Luminaire ONLY pre-assembled possible!)

Environmentally Friendly Ceiling Fan

✓ After the life cycle, all parts of the Eco Elements ceiling fan can be disassembled for recycling

Combination possibility

✓ prepared for mounting a light (switchable independently of fan operation)
✓ longer ceiling rod for slopes and high ceilings
✓ natural sash, replacement sash, in many wood and lacquer colors

More installation friendly

✓ Mounting on ceiling rods up to 38° possible due to patented mounting joint (a longer ceiling rod may be necessary)
✓ The Eco Elements ceiling fan has a simple, quick assembly

Klimalex Service

✓ always friendly & helpful
✓ more than 30 years experience with ceiling fans