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Ideal room climate with the help of Comedes dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are needed in almost all rooms to counteract excessive humidity. Whether in private homes, in the office, in archives or museums, in shops or on a construction site, excessive humidity is good for nothing and nobody. KlimaLex therefore offers you various Comedes dehumidifiers so that you can find the right dehumidifier for your individual needs and premises. The high-quality products, based on more than 80 years of experience, help to noticeably reduce the humidity of a room or construction site with a strong dehumidification performance

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The advantages of a dehumidifier

Excessive humidity results in a poor indoor climate and can, among other things, lead to mold growth, bacterial accumulations or fungal deposits, which are very harmful to health and can lead to serious illnesses, especially in infants, children, senior citizens or people who are already ill. On the other hand, dehumidification devices can effectively counteract this both in summer and in winter.

Comedes room dehumidifiers are effective in reducing humidity in the air, but also in drying buildings after water damage. In addition, they are easy to use, the dehumidifiers are quiet in operation and highly efficient in their energy consumption. Thanks to the integrated castors, the dehumidifier of your choice can flexibly change its place of use. Whether you want to use your dehumidifier in the living room, office, basement, garage, bathroom or laundry room, you can simply roll it to where you want it.

Take a look at our range and find a suitable dehumidifier for your individual location.

The right dehumidifier for each of your areas

It is important to buy the right device depending on the cause. So here is an overview of all the important application scenarios for you:
Area of ​​application Demecto 10 Demecto 70 LTR 100 Neo BTR 50
Living room & bedroom +++ + +++ -
basement ++ +++ ++ +++
Conservatory + +++ +++ ++
Garage + +++ + +++
Building drying in a new building + ++ + +++
Drying after water damage + +++ + +++
in case of mold growth +++ +++ ++ +++

The four most important selection criteria for your purchase

1 performance

The performance of a dehumidifier is very dependent on the ambient temperature: if the temperature is high under the roof, you can use a smaller unit than in a cold basement. Basically, the lower the room temperature, the more power you need. If it is too cold (below 15°C), it is recommended to heat during the dehumidification process to improve the dehumidification efficiency.

2 Room Size

In large rooms, in addition to the dehumidification capacity, the air capacity is also relevant so that the air in the room is circulated well. This is ensured by compressor-driven condenser dryers. Fans provide additional support in the event of moisture damage.


It is important to ensure that the container used to collect the extracted water is of sufficient capacity. If it is only a question of a small moisture balance, a smaller tank is usually sufficient. In the event that there is high humidity and the device is to work continuously during the day, a larger volume is advantageous. In this way you can ensure that the tank is not full after a few hours and that the air dryer can also run unattended for a long time. If the capacity is still not sufficient, a condensate pump is an alternative.

4 Equipment

Defrost function
Automatic defrosting is essential for the condenser dryer. There are two types: hot gas defrosting & temperature-controlled automatic defrosting. Thanks to the defrost function, the evaporator of the dehumidifier does not freeze and the water can drain into the tank.
Moisture Meter
Digital moisture meters can usually be controlled via the touchpad. In this way, the device maintains a certain level of humidity in automatic mode (so-called hygrostats). If you would like to determine the air humidity separately - for example in archives, museums, warehouses or laboratories - you will find humidity measuring devices with a data collection function at KlimaLex.
Automatic mold prevention
Some dehumidifiers are now equipped with intelligent controls. In automatic mode, the devices independently control the optimal humidity & orientate themselves to the respective room temperature.
Air filter against dust
So that you can enjoy your dehumidifier for a long time, it should have an integrated air filter. The filter is constructed in the same way as the lint filter in a tumble dryer & ensures that the cooling register in the device does not get dusty & thus maintains its efficiency. Therefore, make sure to clean the air filter at regular intervals.
Adjustable fan levels
In certain applications it can be helpful that the fan level of the dehumidifier can be set manually. In order to dehumidify in cool temperatures, it is advisable to select a low fan speed. In contrast, you should increase the fan speed at high temperatures and increased humidity.

Equipment Demecto 10 Demecto 70 LTR 100 Neo BTR 50
Automatic defrost + + + +
Hygrometer + + + +
Air filter against dust + + + +
Mold prevention automatic + + - -
Adjustable fan speeds + + + -
Additional properties
  • Castors
  • Hose connection
  • Compressor Type: Hub
  • Memory function/operation with timer possible
  • Castors
  • Hose connection
  • Compressor Type: Hub
  • Memory function/operation with timer possible
  • Castors
  • Hose connection incl. supplied hose
  • Compressor Type: Hub
  • Memory function/operation with timer possible
  • Adjustable air outlet
  • Temperature display
  • Castors
  • Hose connection incl. supplied hose
  • Compressor Type: Red
  • Tilt rollbar
  • Cable storage
  • Temperature display

Alternative dehumidifiers & payment

If the Comedes dehumidifiers do not quite meet your expectations and wishes, we recommend that you take a look at the Lübra dehumidifiers. Here you can find all our high-quality and reliable dehumidifiers.

We offer you various payment options so that you can choose the suitable and preferred method of payment. In addition to payment by credit card and advance payment, we also accept PayPal, direct debit, and instant bank transfer. There is even an option to settle the purchase by invoice.

We are more than happy to assist you and answer your questions regarding our product range and ordering process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or assistance. You can reach us by phone or email.

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