The dehumidifier is intended for rooms with a volume of up to 250 cubic meters, which corresponds to an area of approximately 100 square meters. Thanks to its dimensions of 610 * 350 * 250 millimeters, the 12.5 kg device can be accommodated even in small rooms. The user benefits from the fact that the dehumidifier can be connected to the drain system of the house via a hose. Therefore, the moisture is removed immediately, so that the user does not have to empty the 4.5 liter water container. This gives the buyer the opportunity to have the device working even when he is away, for example when going on vacation. Because this model has a built-in hygrostat that switches off the device automatically as soon as the desired humidity is reached.

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279,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 13 kg

Economical and quiet

What else should potential buyers know about this Lübra model? Despite its strong dehumidification performance, the device only uses 300 watts per hour. Its noise level of 44 decibels is also unexpectedly low, so that it can also be installed in occupied rooms. Since it also has castors, it is very easy to transport the dehumidifier. Therefore, even inexperienced users will have no problems handling this Lübra model. That is why buying the device pays off for everyone who has to deal with increased humidity at home.

Your KlimaLex Team