CA-MD - high-quality CasaFan duct fans with steel housing

Warehouses, kitchens, shops or industrial buildings, the CA-MD duct fans are suitable for areas where high pressure and low noise levels are required. Made of metal, these duct fans not only look high-quality, they also meet high safety requirements.

Professional and flexibly integrable duct fans

The CasaFan fans of the Vortice CA-MD series are powerful tubular fans with low noise levels. They are very well suited to transport air over pipe systems over short or long distances. For example, to convey the haze in a kitchen or the dusty air outside in a workshop. These CasaFan duct fans can be integrated anywhere in a pipe system. Also one after the other to increase the air volume if desired. The only requirement is that they are round tubes with a diameter between 100 and 315 mm. The installation position is irrelevant. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, there is a lot of flexibility when installing.

Duct fans with weatherproof steel housing

The CA-MD tubular fans were made of steel. These CasaFan fans are accordingly robust and durable. In addition, the steel housing has a particularly weatherproof coating. This also makes it suitable for use in damp areas. Contact with moisture cannot harm these products. Painted with hammerblow gray, the design and shape appear stylish and contemporary. In this way, these models can also be integrated into business areas or public buildings without disturbing the overall visual appearance.

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Ball-bearing motor for continuous operation

The motors are as high-quality as the housing. The ball-bearing motors are suitable for continuous operation with a minimum operating time of 30,000 hours. This is an important factor, especially in industrial and commercial operations, where a good air exchange must be ensured around the clock. More precisely, they are encapsulated and stainless steel ball-bearing motors. They are characterized by durability and longevity. There is a radial impeller with backward curved blades on the motor. The special design of the blades ensures an improved air flow. The volume is also reduced. The speed of rotation of the blades and the performance of the CA-MD duct fans can be individually regulated in two stages. These CasaFan fans with protection class II can also convince in terms of safety. A thermal overload protection ensures trouble-free operation. The overload protection can be reset manually. Another safety and quality feature is the degree of protection according to IP44. CasaFan metal pipe fan from 50 to 120 watts With an output between 50 and 120 watts, the electricity costs with the CasaFan metal fans are not particularly high. If the current average value of 30.22 cents per kilowatt hour is taken, the electricity costs per year are around 132 euros. This electricity price refers to continuous operation (1 year, 24 hours a day) with a 50 watt model. For a device with 120 watts, the cost is approximately 317 euros. If a particularly low annual consumption is important, the steel pipe fan CA 150 Q MD is well advised. With 50 watts of power a particularly energy-saving model.

Air performance of the CA-MD steel duct fans

However, wattage is not synonymous with low or high air output. Although more powerful models usually stand for a higher maximum air output, this does not necessarily have to be the case. For example, the maximum air output of the 50 watt CA 150 Q MD is 550 m³ per hour. In contrast, the 85 watt CA 100 MD has a maximum air output of 340 m³ per hour. In order to buy the right device of the CA-MD series, it is crucial to find out the required air change. To calculate, buyers need the length, width and height of a space. The number of m³ of a room is multiplied by the recommended air exchange rate. The recommended values ​​can be found in the form of tables on the Internet. In the example of a department store with 200 m³ and an average air exchange rate of 2, a CA-MD duct fan with an air output of 400 m³ per hour is required. The CA 125 MD fan would be a suitable CasaFan duct fan for this department store mentioned in the example. The CA-MD series comprises a total of several duct fans with a maximum air output between 340 and more than 1000 m³ per hour. Thus, there is also a suitable solution for a larger car workshop, a discotheque, a laundry or a sports hall.

Duct fans with low noise level

The fans of the CA-MD series stand for high performance at low volume. For example, the sound level of the CA 315 MD E is 52.3 decibels with an air output of 1080 m³ per hour. The specified noise level was measured at the highest power level. In the first stage, this duct fan is significantly quieter. This means that these duct fans are also suitable for integrating pipe systems in a hairdressing salon or pharmacy. In environments such as a beer hall or automotive workshop, where the volume of the duct fan is irrelevant, integration is not a problem anyway.

Easy and quick to assemble

Installation can be carried out quickly and without much effort. If you want to do the installation yourself, you should have knowledge of electrical engineering. However, wiring is not difficult. Using detailed instructions, the wiring can also be done with experience and manual skill. The position of the fan can be selected individually according to the circumstances and requirements. At the beginning or end of a pipe system, for example. On ceilings and walls. The CA-MD duct fans are suitable for pipe sizes between 100 and 315 mm. A screwdriver is required to open the terminal box for the electrical connection.

Sensors, speed controller and much more

There is an extensive range of accessories for the fans of the CA-MD series. For example, mounting brackets or band clamps for simple and quick mounting on round tubes. Electronic speed controllers or step transformers ensure increased ease of use. In this way, the speed and power of the CA-MD duct fans can be adapted to the circumstances. For example, a higher speed with more visitors in a swimming pool. Environmental sensors are also available as accessories. The fan can be switched on automatically using motion sensors when a person enters a room. With an air quality sensor, the pipe fan can be switched on in the event of bad smells, cigarette smoke in a smoking room or smells in a catering kitchen. Temperature sensors measure the temperature in a room. If a set value is exceeded, the air change starts. If the value falls below the set value, the fan stops. This enables the function of the CA-MD fans to be automated. The same applies to moisture sensors. Grids and caps are also available. With the caps, customers can choose between hand-adjustable and motorized caps. The latter bring a lot of comfort and prevent the ingress of moisture and moisture when the fan is switched off.

Summary of CA-MD duct fans

Where there is no possibility to use wall or window fans, CA-MD duct fans are a good alternative. Especially if pipe systems already exist. The models of the CA-MD series are characterized above all by their robust construction. The powder-coated steel housing easily withstands various weather conditions. This means that these fans are also suitable for areas where dirt, moisture and moisture are present. For example in swimming pools or workshops. With models between 100 and 315 mm, the right fans are available for a wide variety of pipe diameters. Also a particularly energy efficient model.

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