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In winter, working in workshops, stables, garages and the like can be real torment. The cold penetrates through every layer of tissue and into the bones. Just a few minutes in the cold feel like an eternity, especially for the body. This is the end if you decide for an electric heater from Master. The company offers many different devices that give you the warmth you so desperately need in the cold season. But thanks to this wide selection, you can always find the right heater for your needs. We'll show you why KlimaLex is the best place to go.

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Always the right choice

The company offers a variety of heaters, such as oil or infrared heaters, but electric heaters are the centerpiece. They come in many different variations, but surely the question arises as to why you should opt for master or an electric heater. This is due to the many different advantages. First and foremost, the manufacturer relies on a high quality. All parts of the products are made with great attention to detail. There are no cheap or second-class materials used, but the electric heaters are made for eternity. They should survive even the hard everyday life on a construction site, without causing any damage. That's why every product is equipped with a robust steel housing. It is durable, stable and indestructible. Inside, of course, the provider has made no compromises, which is why worked with a high quality engine with thermal protection. The engine is designed for continuous operation, so you can run the equipment for hours. You do not have to worry about the engine overheating at some point. Should it really be like this, the engine shuts off automatically, thanks to the thermal protection. But even more benefits speak for a heating device. First and foremost, there is no oxygen consumption. This is important so that the products can also be used in small rooms for heating. In addition, you do not have to open a window to guarantee a good indoor climate. In addition, the offers do not produce exhaust fumes or condensation. They are completely odorless and are hardly noticeable in operation. Even if you run the electric heaters for hours, you only hear a very low hum. Since most products will be used in garages or industry anyway, you will not notice. It is important to know for safety that there is no open flame. So should a wood chip fall into the heater, you do not have to worry. In order to keep the overview, a thermostat is integrated. Here you can read exactly how high the current temperature is. Of course, no regulator is missing, so you can set exactly how much heat should be spent. Finally, many devices of the brand are equipped with an automatic reset. If, for example, there was an emergency stop due to overheating, the device starts automatically when a suitable temperature has been reached again.

The main advantages:

  • automatic reset
  • built-in thermostat
  • Engine with overheating protection
  • sturdy and durable steel case
  • quiet running
  • no fumes, no condensation and completely odorless
  • no open flame for safety
  • integrated temperature control

There is another important point that should not be neglected in an electric heater: energy consumption. In many devices, it is the case that although 100 percent of energy from the outlet "removed", but not completely consumed. So you're paying for something you do not use in the end. The heaters from this manufacturer are different. You get 100 percent energy utilization. Every kilowatt-hour from the socket is used for the heater. This will save power in the long term and the device will not have to run that long.

A comparison of the different types

You've probably already noticed that we have many different models of the brand on offer. Now, of course, ask yourself which offer you should choose. We therefore categorize our products into three areas: for small rooms, for medium-sized rooms and for large rooms. Models B 2 PTC, B 2 EPB, B 3 EPB and B 5 EPB are suitable for small spaces. Depending on the model, these can heat up to 85 cubic meters. The heating power is between 860 and 4,300 kcal / h. Overall, you get three switching stages. For medium-sized rooms we recommend B 9 EPB, B 15 EPB and B 22 EPB. They also have three switching stages, but can heat rooms between 150 and 350 cubic meters. The power increases up to 18,900 kcal / h. Surprisingly: Consumption is not more than 22 kW. In addition, the largest model weighs just 20 kilograms. If you want to heat a large room, choose B 18 EPR or B 30 EPR. Up to 3,500 cubic meters are no problem, with a heating capacity of up to 25,800 kcal / h. Another innovation is that you now get four switching stages. But even with these models, you do not have to fear high power consumption, because a maximum of 30 kW is available. The weight, however, increases with the strongest model, which weighs about 53 kilograms and measures 105 x 60 x 82 centimeters.

Where do you use the heaters?

Thanks to modern technology and new approaches, the products can be used in a variety of ways. For a long time, the days have passed when the electric heaters have only warmed living spaces. Depending on the product, they can also be used outdoors. For example, on cold winter days, but still want to spend your time in the fresh air. In addition, the radiant heaters are ideal for drying damp walls or buildings. That is why the products are particularly popular on construction sites. This is also the reason why the manufacturer has decided for a bright yellow color. Even in low light conditions, even the smallest heaters will not be overlooked. That definitely saves money, because it does not happen that it comes to damage. But even in the restaurant, customers no longer give up on an electric heater. With a heater, it is possible to heat indoor and outdoor areas and thus to give guests a good time. The last big job site is the industry. Whether a large hall or a small workshop, wherever a conventional heating system does not provide the necessary efficiency, an electric heater is the right choice.

Quality from the professional

Buy a heater, you want a high quality. After all, the issue should be worthwhile, so you accompanied the product for many years. So let's take a look at the company behind Master. The company is part of the Dantherm Group, which is one of the leading providers in the field of air conditioning technology. The Dantherm Group has existed for over 60 years, which of course has developed and launched several products over the years. The focus was always on high-quality and energy-efficient helpers, which not only came from the heating sector. The Dantherm Group is equally concerned with refrigeration, drying and ventilation products. As a result, a number of permanently installed and mobile systems have developed. The provider does not want to take this pole position, which is why every year large amounts of money are invested in product development. In doing so, the products continuously adapt to current trends and changes in the market. It should be mentioned that the products are not only sold to Germany. Based in Skive, Denmark, the company spans the entire world. In this respect, the offers are also delivered to Norway, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland or the United Arab Emirates for a surcharge.

Decide now!

Do not hesitate and get the warmth in steel format home. The high-quality electric heaters offer numerous functions and excellent performance, which will provide the necessary warmth in every room. In addition, the manufacturer relies on a high longevity. The days of cheap materials are over, because this company uses only sturdy steel. To conclude: There is a radiant heater for every room, whether large factory building or small garage, which is why you only need access.

Your KlimaLex Team