CriCri electric insect traps

Many wonder what the purpose of the CriCri electric insect traps is. Especially in summer, flying insects such as flies, brakes or mosquitoes can become real pests in your own four walls. Whether during the day or at night, the insects become a very big burden for many people. With the right insect screen, itchy bites or bloody bites can easily be prevented by insects. Especially at night, the annoyance caused by existing insects in the interior is perceived as very uncomfortable and annoying. This condition can be easily countered with the CriCri devices. Effective insect killers such as the electric insect traps from Cricri are recommended. The insects are effectively killed without any action on their part, so that the annoyance caused by the insects with the stings and itchy spots is eliminated thanks to KlimaLex.

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How do the electrical CriCri insect traps work?

The device attracts the insects with the integrated UV light and kills the insects by means of an electrically charged high-voltage grid by electric shock. As soon as the insects touch the grid, they die immediately from an electric shock. So you can get rid of the annoying pests very effectively without chemical substances, without creating a new danger for humans or other animals. The grid voltage comprises a voltage of up to several thousand volts. As a result, the entire process takes seconds. The insects are dead on the spot and do not suffer.

Are the CriCri insect killers safe?

The equipment of the devices is designed to be safe from injury. As a result, people cannot injure themselves on the device if they come into contact with it. The device can be hung or placed for installation. Furthermore, only one socket is required to power the device.

Where are the insects killed?

The dead insects automatically fall into a special bowl. This can be easily removed from the device and emptied. The device also offers very easy handling and use. The CriCri devices are available for different areas of activity. Accordingly, the insect traps are designed in different strengths. Devices are also offered for the agricultural sector. These ensure a high effectiveness because they are extremely effective against the high number of annoying insects even in very aggressive areas with a very high insect density.

Construction of the electrical insect trap from CriCri

Depending on the device design, the electrical insect traps from CriCri have either one or two fluorescent tubes that emit UVA light. The UVA rays from the lamps are in a range of 300 and 400 nm. The peak value is 365 nm. These rays are harmless to humans. However, the rays in this area are very attractive to flying insects. For this reason, the insects fly to the lamps. Depending on the range of action of the device and depending on the installation location, insects are also attracted to the light from a distance. The CriCri electric insect traps are also equipped with an electrode grid. this grid is charged with a high voltage of several thousand volts. When the insects fly to the light from which they are attracted, they reach the electrode grid, where they are immediately and reliably killed by an electric shock. The structure of the agricultural equipment is similar. With a special tension, these devices can also effectively kill a large number of insects. Furthermore, the professional devices for agriculture are more robust, so that they can withstand the higher loads optimally and are extremely durable for this purpose.

Possible uses of the electrical CriCri insect trap devices

The CriCri electric insect traps are designed for indoor use that is closed. Because indoors, the devices can achieve their full performance. This means that when the CriCri electric insect traps are used inside, no protected animals can be caught and killed that are only in the outside area. This also takes into account the protection of these insects and thus their biodiversity.

Advantages of the electrical CriCri insect trap devices

The devices are extremely quiet in operation. No additional fans were installed in the devices that could cause a hum, fan noises or similar noises. The device design of the CriCri electric insect traps also does not lead to strong hissing noises when the insects approach the grille. A normal power connection is required to operate the devices. No other means or accessories are required to operate the devices. In particular, no other bait, sprays or poisons have to be used to operate the equipment in order to achieve full performance. The devices can thus be very effective in killing insects. This is also due to the necessary power connection for the operation of the devices. This ensures that the necessary tension is available in the grid, which ultimately destroys the insects. Furthermore, the CriCri devices are equipped with a high voltage output. This leads to a very efficient method of attracting insects. This means that the insects can be destroyed very effectively and completely. Because the brighter the built-in lamp shines, the more insects are attracted to the lamp. The same applies to the voltage output of the grid. This is high, so that many insects die immediately from the electric shock and the insect load in the room decreases. In addition, the devices offer a very good radius of action. The greater the effective range of the devices, the more insects can be quickly and efficiently destroyed. In addition, side rooms can also benefit from this effect if the intermediate door of the rooms is open. Good lamp power enables the insects to be attracted to the device from a distance so that they can be destroyed.


The CriCri insect killers are very easy to install. It is only necessary to have an electrical outlet to put the devices into operation. No other accessories, poisons or baits are required for operation. The devices are ready for use immediately upon delivery. With the high performance of the devices, many insects can be optimally attracted indoors. The high tension of the grid enables the flying insects to be destroyed immediately. All dead insects are collected in a drip tray. Thanks to the practical drip tray, which can be easily removed from the device, the dead insects can be easily and easily disposed of. As a result, the device design also offers simple and easy handling. In this respect, time-consuming cleaning work is not necessary. The devices are suitable for interiors. The high range of effectiveness of the devices also enables the simultaneous use of one device for several rooms. For example, an adjoining room can be freed from annoying insects at the same time. This is due to the high UV output of the installed lamps. These allow the insects to be attracted from a distance to the device, where they die from an electric shock. Special CriCri device models have been developed for higher loads, for example in agriculture. These can optimally withstand the high density of insects. These device groups are especially robust and offer an extremely long service life. In terms of performance, these devices are more structured so that they can destroy the comparatively high number of insects.

Your KlimaLex Team

ATTENTION: The use of our insect traps is only permitted in closed rooms.
The insect killers must not be used outdoors, since non-selective insect catchers (devices with UV light as an attractant) not only catch pests, but also useful and protected insects and threaten biodiversity.
Luring, catching and killing specially protected animals with artificial light sources or electronic devices, e.g. with our electric insect traps is prohibited by law!

ATTENTION! - The included special lamps only serve to attract insects in connection with the mentioned insect traps and are neither suitable for room lighting in the household nor intended for use in other applications.