Activated carbon replacement filter for Honeywell extractor hoods

Worthwhile exchange for healthy air in the kitchen
If the vapors in the kitchen determine the smell of the room through cooking, boiling and roasting, an activated carbon filter from Honeywell can be used. And in just a few simple steps, a replacement filter for constant healthy and low-odor air in the kitchen area can be used.

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24,99 €

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Activated carbon filters are recommended Activated carbon filters are specially designed for extractor hoods with constant air circulation. The odor particles - which can arise from various methods and ingredients during cooking - are filtered out of the air. The extractor hood filters of this variant free the room above all from greasy air components by means of integrated grease filters. Thanks to the following properties, the Honeywell activated carbon filter enriches use in the kitchen:
  • Granules in different filling quantities (adapted to the suction power)
  • Twice as large absorption of odor particles compared to other filters
  • Regular replacement of the carbon filter guarantees the functionality of the extractor hood
  • Large filter surface particularly effective
  • Filterability of granules higher than that of carbon mats
  • Greases do not adhere to or inside the extractor hood
With regular cleaning, the user also enjoys very uncomplicated cleaning. In addition, the fat deposits in the premises are automatically reduced.

Practice: Switching on the carbon filter before cooking ensures stable air circulation before the actual use. After cooking, the filter should continue to run for a few minutes (5-10). This ensures that the filter dries out and reduces clogging with fat particles Advantages of the spare parts from Honeywell

Replacement filters from the manufacturer are characterized by some great advantages. First of all, users ensure smooth use and the simplest possible exchange procedure. In addition, the internal spare parts reveal the following advantages:
  • fitting accuracy of the components
  • Constant availability
  • Warranty Warranty
  • Guaranteed functionality
  • Little wear
  • excellent brand quality
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Suitable sizes for various round or rectangular filters

Practice: The filling quantity depends entirely on the suction power of the extractor hood. Our replacement activated carbon filters are designed in accordance with the extractor hood.

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