Hair and hand dryer in a detailed test

Our everyday life is becoming more modern and more and more electrically enriched and modernized. Especially in recent years, the trend has come up that in more and more households all sorts of items have been replaced with new and electrical appliances. These already make life much easier for many people and relieve us of some annoying tasks. Among other things, more and more people have recently begun to integrate a hairdryer and hand dryer in their household. These two devices we know only from public institutions such as swimming pools, but especially in stressful everyday life, these can be of great use for us. In addition to making things much easier and saving us a lot of time, they are also more environmentally friendly than traditional solutions like regular towels. But what makes these two devices so special at KlimaLex will be explained in more detail in this text.

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What exactly is a hair dryer and a hand dryer?

Both of these technical devices are designed to allow a pleasant and thorough cleaning and drying of the hair and hands. In particular, much research has been needed in recent years to bring hair and hair dryers to the level they are today. Be it the comfort, the design and especially the environmental aspect. But we will return to these points in the course of this text.

A hair dryer is basically a small and compact box that must be attached to the wall. To dry and clean the hair, there is a long hose that can be attached to the body. With this hose you can easily dry your wet hair with a pleasant stream of air. Due to its flexibility, it is often possible to stretch the hose to more than 1.5 meters, so that you will not have any problems drying your hair dry in your own bathroom or in public areas.

A hand dryer is similar. It consists of a compact, wall-mountable body. But there is no flexible hose from which the air flow comes out. This comes at the bottom through a large opening. Often you just have to hold your hands underneath and your hands will be dried with a pleasant but strong stream of air. Especially in the household, but also in public facilities, it saves you from buying new towels every week for your hands or to put your towels in the laundry.

The power of drying

With this criterion, both devices can show one of their great strengths, as they are electric and thus can naturally generate a very strong and direct airflow. That's why hair dryers and hand dryers, with their more than 100-watt motors, can move up to more than 120 m³ / h of air, which can dry your hands or hair in seconds. On average, a normal passage lasts between 10 and 25 seconds, until your hair and hands are free of any moisture. So you save a lot of valuable time throughout the day and just when you are in a hurry, but still want to clean his hands thoroughly, this can be of great benefit. Another advantage of these two devices is that hands and hair are dried completely contactless. With conventional towels, there is always a certain risk that there are not some bacteria in it. In a pure air flow, you do not have to worry about that. With a strong air flow, it is well known that there is a danger that the dryer can become quite noisy and thus disturb other people in the vicinity. That was a problem for a long time. That's why manufacturers have come up with new techniques that allow a high-performance dryer to reach a volume just below 70 decibels. Thus, the device is only slightly louder than a conventional conversation and should not disturb other people, just because this noise only lasts for a few seconds due to the strong performance. Thus, old values ​​could be undercut by at least 30%.

The comfort when drying

In addition to a strong dryer performance and a strong air flow, comfort for drying hands and hair also plays a major role for most people. Here, the two products can also score. Many tests have set the optimal air flow, which provides both fast, thorough and very comfortable use. So you do not have to hold your hands under the stream for minutes until they are dry or exposed to such a strong current that it almost hurts on the skin. This can be a very pleasant but of course also short uses are offered. But the temperature of the air is also significant when it comes to comfort. By the warm air flow the comfort can be increased again. Especially in cold temperatures in winter, this warm stream can be very pleasant and relaxing. Another important feature of the warm air flow is certainly the evaporation of the water. Due to the perfect temperature, most of the wash water evaporates, so that hardly any water ends up on the floor. The resulting steam can easily escape through an open window, so there is no pollution in the bathroom.

Design and workmanship

Design Many people often think of large and ugly plastic buildings that look bad on the bathroom wall or in public places when they think of a hairdryer or hand dryer. But this is in no way true. Although both units are electric and equipped with a powerful and efficient motor for optimal suction power, the size of most models is even very manageable. For most models, the box usually looks just over 10 cm out of the wall and is not much longer than 35 cm. So there is really no problem finding a suitable place for them in the domestic bathroom or in other washrooms, where they can hinder nothing because of their good size. In addition, the processing can be seen particularly, since the manufacturers attach particular importance to these days. In the meantime, many of these dryer machines are made of fine plastic and some even of metal and aluminum. You can usually choose between different colors and the timeless and simple design you do not have to worry too much. Another aspect that only very few people understand is the long shelf life of the products. Hair and hand dryers, although they are very well equipped electrically, have a long life of many years. A well-equipped engine today often has a life of over 900 hours, which will last for many years, especially in private homes. With an average usage of just a few minutes a day, due to the short useful life, it really takes a very long time for the engine to give up its ghost. Their compact but very stable construction makes them immune to dust and dirt. Also, a certain amount of water, or splash, should cause absolutely no problems. This saves you from having to buy and install new appliances every few years, which of course is in keeping with the environment as it reduces waste. The built-in heating elements are nowadays only built with various safety devices. These ensure that the electric motor is not damaged by penetrating dust or water. A washable dust filter is also usually integrated with. Thus, maintenance work can also be carried out more easily processing.

The environmental aspect and CO² emissions

An often associated problem with such household electrical appliances is always the excessive burden on the environment due to the high power consumption. That's why many companies have set about developing new and more efficient engines that can work harder but consume only a fraction of the power of their predecessors. Even with modern hand dryers and hair dryers, these engines are now installed. This significantly reduced CO² emissions. In fact, some studies and experiments have shown that a modern hand dryer consumes up to 80% less energy than simply using towels, which then need to be washed, which consumes much more energy on the whole. But not only the highly optimized power consumption contributes to the good environmental assessment. As mentioned above, the airflow is expelled with such force that an average usage often takes only a few seconds. This very short useful life also consumes less power than many other devices and alternatives. In addition, modern devices now have the ability to detect with the help of infrared sensors, whether your hands are under the nozzle. So they turn off automatically as soon as you remove them. This optimizes the time of use and consistently consumes less energy, which has a negative impact on the environment. Since the hair dryer does not switch off as soon as one puts the hose back to the device on the wall, these also have the function on modern models to automatically switch off after usually 15-20 minutes. If you forget that, you do not have to worry about energy consumption.

Price and purchase

Now you will surely wonder how much these two devices will probably cost, if they are so practical in everyday life and can score points in processing and performance. The most popular and popular products are actually already available from about 130 €. However, there are already some cheaper models for 60 € or the very expensive for over 250 €. But when it comes to the price-performance ratio, we've found in our tests that the dryers in this mid-to-high price range deliver the best product for the money. For example, at KlimaLex we offer you the Comfort Hand-dryer Premium Dry or the Comfort hose hairdryer Vort Dry A on.

Compared to all the benefits that come with it, this price is really manageable and definitely a good investment in a simpler everyday life or more modern facilities, be it in the pool or wellness center. Nowadays you can really equip any place electrically better. With many practical features, such as durability and environmental friendliness, these two dryers are perfect for larger facilities, such as gyms or swimming pools. But as already mentioned, the use in the domestic house in recent years has become increasingly popular and has made the lives of many people easier.

You will also find these products on Klimalex, whereby you can of course be assured of excellent quality and a very good price. We hope that in this report, we were able to bring you closer to the product category of hair or hand dryers and that you are now better informed about the myriad benefits that these devices bring. If you have further questions or comments about these products, we are happy to help.

Your KlimaLex-Team