The B 300 humidifier from Brune is an absolutely efficient and thoroughly clean solution for your premises

The Brune Humidifier B 300 works like the other humidifiers from Brune with evaporation. That way you can effectively increase the humidity even in large rooms. The humidifier B 300 from Brune convinces not only by its high humidification performance, but also by its quiet operation, which does not interfere with working, through its UV C rays, which contribute to the reduction of germs and through the air cleaned by dust particles, so that we breathe cleaner air. Thanks to the wheels, which are attached to the bottom of the device, and the lightweight weight of only 19 kilograms, which is about the weight of a child in preschool age, the Brune B 300 humidifiers can be used wherever you need them. You can individually and at any time decide if you would like to use your B 300 humidifier stationary in operation or if you would like the humidifier to change its location more often. The Brune B 300 humidifier also has a modern and simple look, which makes it seem suitable for almost any room concept. With the help of the B 300 humidifier from Brune you can increase the humidity in large living rooms, as well as in office rooms and even in warehouses up to 600 m³ automatically, efficiently, environmentally friendly and above all effectively. Buy your own humidifier now at KlimaLex.

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Weight 30 kg

The B 300 humidifier by Brune has a modern and simple design and easy handling. The humidifier consists of only three components. The housing, the engineering unit and the water tank. For this reason, the B 300 humidifier is easy to handle and also easy to clean, so that with regular cleaning, no form of harmful deposits can form. The lucid display of the humidifier clarifies to you with one view about the condition of the device. The display informs you about the current values of the relative humidity, about the operating mode, whether the device is set to automatic or manual and about the filling level of the water tank, to let you know when you need to refill the tank to allow smooth operation. Because the Brune B 300 humidifier is already supplied ready to plug in, assembly of small parts is superfluous and the humidifier can directly be taken into operation. So you can right after unpacking the humidifier start to increase the relative humidity and adapt it to your individual needs and wishes.

Advantages of a humidifier

If the air is too dry in rooms where we often spend time, health damages can occur. Amongst other things irritation of the mucous membranes and irritation of the eyes may occur. And not only with us humans, but also with our beloved animals. For example, if the four-legged pets are taken to the office so they do not have to spend the entire day at home alone, they too, like their two-legged owners, are affected by the possible consequences of too dry indoor air. But there are not just living things that are affected by a low relative humidity. Valuable furnishings, antiquities, works of art and floor coverings can also be damaged by too dry air. Especially if the just mentioned objects are made out of wood or other hygroscopic, meaning water-attracting materials it can warp and lead to blemishes or even to a significant loss of value of your valuables.

The single items of the Brune B 300 humidifier

The Blower

The blower can be operated via two manual blower levels or via the automatic function. If you want to determine manually about the blower, select "Low" for a low fan power and "High" for high fan power. If you have the automatic function selected, the electronics take over the complete control of the fan and regulate it depending on the performance requirement either up or down. With the automatic function, you do not have to worry about the blower anymore and you can enjoy your moistened room air peacefully.

The sterilization of air and water by UV C rays

The UV C rays have a highly efficient effect in the destruction of germs. Because this is known about UV C rays, they are already used in the industry of water treatment. The intelligent arrangement of the UV lamp in the Brune B 300 humidifier allows the UV rays to reach the water in the water tank, the sucked in room air, which is located in the device, and the filter medium to effectively get rid of germs. This process, the significant reduction of germs, is completely ozone-free and is harmless to humans as well as to our animals.

The air purification

The additional air filter in the area of the intake of the air first filters dust particles, suspended particles and animal hair. Thereafter, the sucked in air is passed over the water to be moisturized and finally passes through the evaporative filter, which corresponds to a further purification of the air, back into the room. Combined with the sterilization by the UV lamp you have an efficiently and effectively cleaned air, which is much cleaner than before.

The water level indicator

The current water level can be found on the control panel or on the display. So you do not have to remove the tank of the humidifier to be able to see the level of the water. As soon as the tank is empty and there is no more water in it, the unit switches itself off automatically to prevent damage. A flashing light indicates that the water tank is empty and you should fill it up.

The automatic water supply

The automatic water supply is an optional element that you can buy. Adding an automatic water supply to your Brune B 300 humidifier eliminates the hassle of refilling the humidifier, and the humidifier can also be run unattended throughout the day.

The humidity control

The humidity control takes over the regulation of the KlimaLex humidifier for you. You can individually set the desired humidity via the plus or minus button. The humidifier function of the device then runs automatically until the previously set value is reached and then shuts off automatically. As soon as the desired and previously set value falls below again, the humidifier unit starts again automatically.

The Display

The display is attached to the top of the humidifier. It informs you quickly and lucidly the current status of your Brune B 300 humidifier. The current relative humidity of a room, the level of water in the water tank and the setted fan speed are displayed on the screen in a simplified way.

The keyboard lock

If you would like to use the Brune B 300 humidifier in a public space, we recommend to use the function of the keyboard lock, to prevent recruitment and conversion by strangers or unauthorized persons. To activate the keyboard lock you only need to simultaneously press and hold the plus (+), minus (-) and fan (air) buttons. If you want to change the settings again, this is first possible after releasing the keyboard lock again.