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AQUASAFE AS5000 5-stage reverse osmosis system

AQUASAFE AS5000FF - 5-Stage Free-Flow Reverse Osmosis System
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Product number: Aquasafe.AS5FF
Manufacturer: Aquasafe

5-Stage Reverse-Osmosis System AQUASAFE AS5000FF Free-Flow

Comparison - AQUASAFE AS5000 and AS5000FF

Unlike the AQUASAFE AS5000 - which uses a water tank - the AS5000FF is a so-called "direct flow system" ("Free-Flow", "FF" for short). This means that the fresh tap water is filtered immediately before consumption and retains its familiar and unique taste.

Two fine-pored 250 GPD membranes together with the powerful pressure booster pump ensure fast and reliable filter performance.

Why should you filter tap water at home?

Although there are many legal requirements regarding water supply and its quality, unfortunately there can still be many harmful substances left in our water we drink from the tap every day. Old and rusty pipes, drug residues, contaminated groundwater, too much nitrate - you keep hearing about issues like these from time to time. It is difficult to control everything that is happening to the drinking water until it flows into the glass. And it is impossible for the naked eye to see what kind of unhealthy substances we unconsciously absorb in us every day.

Another level of filtration - the reverse osmosis of the water - should counteract this. Everyone should enjoy the best and safest quality of water. You, your parents, grandparents, your baby, children and your pets - you deserve the BEST water.

How does reverse-osmosis-filtration work?

The fine, high-quality membranes are able to filter viruses, bacteria, micro-plastic, lead, hormones and other pollutants from the water. You can drink germ-free and clean water with a clear conscience - and the environment is not harmed by plastic bottles or other CO2 emissions.

Included filters overview

Filter 1 | Sediment-Filter (5 Mikron)
This filter stops coarse particles floating in the water such as rust, sand and dirt.

Filter 2 | Activated Carbon-Filter (GAC)
The activated carbon filter ensures that pollutants and other unpleasant particles such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals and chemical residues are being filtered out.

Filter 3 | Sediment-Filter (1 Mikron)
The level 3 filter takes care of elements that are not visible to the eye. These can be microparticles, carbon particles and microplastics, among others.

High-performance membranes (2 x 250 GPD)
These two high-performance membranes ensure the final filtration of the water and remove up to 99% of all remaining foreign bodies. In conjunction with the pressure booster pump, you will receive the purest water for your daily needs within a very short time.

Other advantages

Compact despite high filter performance

The AQUASAFE series has been completely revised and optimized. Minor problems were fixed, ergonomic questions and functionalies were also reconsidered and redesigned. Users will immediately notice the flat design, which saves a lot of space in the closet. Other water filter systems do not offer the same level of convenience.

Easy to install

One of the mentioned improvements also include a simplified installation process for the filtration system. A color-printed manual and appropriately color-coded hoses wiill guide you step-by-step through the installation. If you have any questions about repairs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AquaStop included

If water starts to leak out of the osmosis system for an unexpected reason, the AQUASTOP gets triggered. This prevents major water damage. In addition, another AQUASTOP with a replacement pad is included in the scope of delivery to ensure even more security in the system.

Technical data and information AS5000FF 6-stage Reverse-Osmosis System

Filter: 3 levels of filtration
Membranes: 2x 250 GPD Membrane
Pump: 6.0 LPM booster pump
Including: KlimaLex Service
Filtration: approx. 1.2 liters flow rate per minute
Additional: Waterstop
Dimensions : L 37cm x W 24cm x H ca. 45cm

Scope of delivery:
  • AS5000FF - Direct flow system / reverse osmosis system
  • 1 x Sediment-Filter 5 micron - First stage
  • 1 x Activated Carbon-Filter - Second stage
  • 1 x Sediment-Filter 1 micron - third stage
  • 2 x AQUASAFE high-performance membrane - 250 GPD
  • Booster pump 6.0 LPM - For high filter performance in a short time
  • Long connection hoses - Color-coded for easy assembly
  • Mounting / connection accessories - Complete cold water connection with high quality drain clamp
  • Pre-filter and membrane housing key - Solid design
  • Detailed operating instructions - With colored pictures and useful tips
  • Waterstop - Incl. Replacement pad
Important: No tap included.

We recommend changing:
Pre-filter - every 6 months.
Additional filter - every 12 months.
Membrane - every 2 years.
Energizing filter
Filter stages
Vitalizing filter
Tank / Direct flow
Free flow
Complete Setup
Type of product
Reverse Osmosis System
Booster pump
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