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mounted wall fan with 400 Volt

In-wall fans with 400V

Everything you need to know

In-wall fans make it easy to lead air outside. They are a cheap alternative, since complex duct constructions are not required, and are often used in trade and industry due to numerous advantages and the resulting popularity. A simple opening in the outer wall is sufficient for installing the fans. As a result of a high voltage of 400 volts and high-quality workmanship as well as optimizations in functionality, air conditioning takes place quickly with a low noise level.

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Weight 2.5 kg

Where are the areas of application for a built-in fan?

The range of possible areas where built-in fans pay off is very wide. As already mentioned, they are particularly widespread in the areas of trade and industry. They are able to improve health and improve quality of life by producing fresh, homogeneous air. As a result, wall fans are ideal for use in, for example, office complexes, public buildings, sports halls, storage areas, industrial halls and in the catering industry. In view of the fact that good air is simply a guarantee of comfort, operators of event halls, institutions with a high volume of people such as banks and public institutions also use built-in fans. In addition, it always makes sense if small, interior rooms are to be optimally ventilated.

But also as a private person a purchase pays off, because you don't want to do without a certain feel-good atmosphere, especially in your own home. In the living room, especially in summer, heat builds up on the south side. A 400 volt wall fan is now able to quickly and efficiently normalize the air temperature. Fresh, circulating air is very important, especially during sleep, to ensure a healthy and restful sleep. For this reason, wall fans are available, which also prevent insects such as mosquitoes from entering by means of a protective grille. Another area of ​​application is the bathroom, where a wall fan dehumidifies the air and contributes to temperature compensation. Furthermore, the air circulation generated by the fan ensures that unpleasant smells disappear. It is also useful to install a suitable device in the kitchen. Food smells and the heat generated by cooking as well as the high humidity can easily escape.

What are the advantages?

Basically, the health aspect is in the foreground. Fresh and homogeneous air promotes health and thus prevents headaches, for example. Regardless of whether a room climate is affected by moisture, cold or heat, a built-in wall fan optimizes the climatic conditions in rooms from small to large. It therefore represents a useful application regardless of the season. It doesn't matter whether it is winter or summer: wall fans always ensure good air.

Considering the range of applications and the design, most of the advantages are obvious. Wall fans are very space-saving and offer an amazing performance in relation to size at only 400 volts. There are no unpleasant drafts and the volume is extremely low. As a result, wall fans are neither a source of interference in the work area nor in private homes. Since a protective grille is included as standard, injuries from the rotors and the drive are excluded. It is also impossible, for example, for insects to get into rooms.

In-wall fans offer a high air flow volume through the most modern technology and implementation of well thought-out concepts, which can be quickly and easily adapted to individual needs. In contrast to mobile table or pedestal fans, the devices for convenient and space-saving improvement of the room air are firmly anchored. This gives the user the advantage that the air mixture is stable and constant. There is no disadvantage due to the fixed installation, since a wall fan climatises the room regardless of its location. There is no need to move the fan.

What can you expect as a customer?

After a quick installation, the wall-mounted fan actually takes a back seat, as it is not unpleasant in the room and allows the air to circulate very quietly. No space is wasted in your space, while the air is constantly homogenized. For example, you do not experience the unpleasant effect of cold air aisles or drafts through doors that open again and again (as is the case in gastronomy).

The equipment differs depending on the model. But in general you get a lot of comfort. The fan can be controlled with a timer and thus adapted to needs. Handling is also very easy, although regulation is often possible using a remote control. Some models also include filters with an appropriate display, a humidity sensor and a run-on function.

Your cost-effective fan system will ensure even air distribution, create a healthy and pleasant indoor climate, be very powerful thanks to 400 volts and basically last for a long time. The built-in materials are always robust and of high quality, so that the technology is very durable. If you compare the output with the result of the room air conditioning, you will notice that the operation is very energy efficient. In addition, you do not have to worry about whether the wall fan fits optically in your room, because our models are suitable for every furnishing style due to their simple and modern design. Through strict quality control and assurance, you will receive an exemplary product that is also characterized by stability due to its firm anchoring. Most parts are recyclable.

What else is there to know?

In order to be able to fully utilize the potential of a wall-mounted fan with 400 volts, it is recommended to install it in the upper half of the room, which ensures air exchange in a wide area. The rotating fan elements move larger levels at the same time to exchange air. Different options are available to the user depending on the model, so that there is enormous potential for use in different seasons, for example. Due to the wide circulation, even the smallest niches are reached. No special knowledge of the craft is required for installation.

The higher the wall fan is installed in the room, the less noticeable the air exchange is even at higher levels. As a result, there are no inconveniences for you in your own four walls, for employees or customers in your company. Different, selectable levels are available to you, which you can select depending on requirements and external circumstances. Here, the 1st stage is probably the easiest way to ensure a gentle breeze. You do not have to worry about whether the “gentle breeze” remains pleasant even at a short distance: there is no unpleasant draft and leaves on the desk remain in their intended place. No general statement can be made about other levels, as this differs from model to model.

What do we have in the range?

With the foundation of our company it was clear: We want to sell electrical devices for industrial, commercial and also private purposes. In doing so, we pursued and are pursuing the personal aspiration to always only offer products of the best possible quality. You will also find this in our wall fans with 400 volts. With us you will discover fans of different sizes with different prices. But all products have something in common: the manufacturer is CasaFan fans. Those articles are characterized above all by durability and quality. The fans are usually available immediately and you can benefit from the advantages after a few days.

Your KlimaLex Team