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Brune air purifier - healthier living through air purifier

The human lung is a filter for the surrounding air. It ensures their reception and processing. At the present time, however, it is not so easy for the lungs to filter all the impurities of modern times and cope with the stresses in the air alone. For this reason, air purifier systems have been developed. These support the cleaning and thus ensure a greatly improved indoor climate as well as a high air quality. Brune has developed devices that have a positive effect on health. Since the function is limited to closed rooms and the systems would be of course overtaxed, they are also dubbed KlimaLex as a room air purifier.

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Comparison and difference between Brune Defensor PH15 and Defensor PH28

Even if the "inner workings" of the two comfort air purifiers differ significantly, both devices are reliable, easy to use and economical to operate The main differences: from the Brune Defensor PH15 and Brune Defensor PH28 is the size of the water tank and the maximum size (performance) of the rooms to be humidified as well as the standard equipment of the respective Brune air purifier.

Breathe healthy through indoor air purifier

The modern models ensure a germ-free air. As viruses or bacteria spread through the air, the prevention of infection is prevented. This protects and strengthens the entire immune system, leaving the body healthy. Especially allergy sufferers can benefit from this air wash. When allergic reactions are triggered by house dust or mites and are so severe that serious suffering occurs, air purification can work wonders. At least rooms in the interior can be kept free of stress. To make the process even more effective, there are cleaners with integrated humidifier. In winter, the often very dry heating air is kept moist, making breathing easier. This additional function is a great relief especially for asthmatics. There are many different room air purifiers. Which one suits oneself is an individual decision. It is dependent not only on personal sensitivities, but also on the location and the desired results:

  • pollen filter
  • House and fine dust cleaning
  • smoke removal
  • odor filter
  • room humidification

Pollen filter

When winter comes to an end, some of the most beautiful times of the year begin, flowers fall like snow from trees, spring comes. For many it is a very exhausting time. The nose runs, the eyes are tears, the allergic reactions begin. The pollen fly everywhere in the spring and are also hardly kept indoors. With the help of an air cleaning machine can be counteracted. Clean air is produced here quickly and easily.

House and fine dust cleaning

Even in the most thorough household, dust is whirled around with every movement. Because of its minimal size it is not perceived in the air. For dust allergy sufferers, any dust can be annoying or even dangerous. The use of an air purifier helps enormously and ensures a dust-free, really clear air.

Smoke removal

There is hardly any indoor smoking today, but not forgetting the smoking rooms and smoking areas, which are even more frequented. Neither warm nor cold smoke is pleasant, even for smokers. So that in these areas of the smoke is not in the room after hours and the air is filtered back to a healthy level, air purifiers are used. Smoke and the typical smell of smoke are effectively removed.

Odor filter

Purified air is not only important for health. The air quality also includes the smell. In kitchens or restaurant areas of the restaurant are many odors at play, which together and in the long run are not always pleasant. Again, the air purifiers are used. The result is not only much more pleasant for the guests, but also the employees can work in a more pleasant atmosphere.

Room humidification

Some room air purifiers have an integrated humidifier. The current models from Brune all offer this feature. In summer, the room air is very dry due to the heat and in winter by the heating air. Cough, shortness of breath or irritated eyes can be the result. A professional air humidification increases the humidity and makes a great contribution to health. In museums or galleries, the regulated humidity of the air ensures that old wooden furniture or valuable art does not warp through too dry air. This avoids damage that can lead to a high loss of value.

The different types of air purification

There are many machines that contribute to healthy air by freeing them from harmful substances, dust or animal hair. Special models also help against gases or unpleasant odors. Basically there are currently three different types on the market. These have differences depending on the design and operation.

  • Air purification with special filtration systems
  • Purification by water
  • Catalyst technology

In the meantime, most models combine all three variants, at least elements of different systems. However, this also achieves an extremely high purification rate and makes a major contribution to the maintenance of health.

For whom is it worthwhile to purchase a room air purifier?

A device for cleaning the air is recommended for every interior, which is often used by several people at the same time. Above all, office space, waiting rooms for doctors and clinics or rooms for gastronomy are recommended. Especially in open-plan offices, a good room air cleaner including humidifier can reduce the sick leave, no matter what the season. In medical practices, such a device should be standard, as many pathogens swirl around in the air, which must be removed. In restaurants, unpleasant odors are neutralized. The use of such a device is worthwhile in many cases. Here it must be distinguished, for which purpose one needs the machine, which condition the space has and which demands on the air quality are made. It is also important to know the causes of odors and air pollution. An air purifier only cleans the air and can not help if there are other reasons for an odor problem.

Here, a cleaning of the air helps

There are many causes of polluted breathing air where a room air purifier can help. When it comes to dust, whether coarse or fine dust, for example. Also soot, mold spores or pollen are simply filtered and no longer pose a threat to the lungs. A household with animals is wonderful, but animal hair for many owners a major shortcoming and for some even harmful to health. Most air purification systems are now also great with the filtering of these hairs. Even mite droppings are removed hygienically and without residue. All room air cleaners reliably filter smoke particles and ensure healthy air. The room air purifier helps against bacteria and viruses as well, so it should not be missing in any waiting room.

TheBrune Air Cleaner Defensor

Brune currently has three excellent room air purifiers in the market. the PH28 with is the flagship. It is available either with water tank or automatic water supply. Included in the set are always the silver ionization and a filter set for the summer (Quattrofilter and AK-evaporation mat). The automatic water supply is recommended especially for large offices. In addition, Brune offers various additions such as a radio receiver, a radio hygrostat or a leak water tank. At the moment, the articles are only shipped Germany KlimaLex.

Special Fitness of Brune Cleaner

These air purification systems are particularly powerful and therefore suitable for large, very spacious rooms. Especially at museums or art galleries, the models are popular. Even in tobacco stores they find more and more fans. All rooms in which the indoor climate plays an important role should be equipped with such a system. Here the air quality is decisive for the quality of the product. The entire system can be controlled by radio and works wirelessly. Especially in large rooms with a lot of public traffic, this is ideal. Due to the different filters the use in summer and in winter is possible. The filters are included, but can also be reordered easily. Refilling the required water is easy. Either the whole device is rolled to the tap or the removable water tank is filled directly. The filling then depends on the respective model. One of the PH models even comes with an automatic water supply. For other models, this can be retrofitted. The technology behind the evaporation is very energy efficient in a contemporary way. A time control ensures a resource-saving but powerful use of the room humidifier. Here also the humidification or cleaning of the air can be adjusted.


A room air purifier is ideal for anyone who values good air quality. If you want to offer your employees and guests, and of course yourself, a pleasant indoor climate, then you are on the safe side with a room air purifier.

Your KlimaLex Team