Unfortunately, some people are still unaware of the reason for daily problems, such as cracked hands or cracks in wooden objects. The main reason for this daily problem is actually the too dry air that prevails in most rooms. For this reason, in the recent years, large-capacity humidifiers, such as those of Brune, have become increasingly popular and have proven to be an indispensable accessory in many households. But what is such a device at all and what actually are the advantages and special features? This will be explained in more detail in this short text by KlimaLex.

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What is a large-capacity humidifier exactly?

A large-capacity air purifier is mostly a compactly-built box with a built-in fan designed to provide us with better and fresher air for our health, etc. The built-in fan draws in the impure air, which after some continuous processes is given out again as fresh air. The built-in filter filters the air of dust and odor and thus gives it back refreshed again. This process is often supported by certain radiations that purify the air more effectively from bacteria. But the actual main process is carried out by a replaceable BIO filter mat that has been moistened with water. Through this mat the dry air is sucked through and at the end heavily moistened and is much more refreshed returned to the room. In terms of functions, however, many humidifiers differ significantly, especially when it comes to price. We explain to you now, what health and other benefits that has.

The advantages of an air purifier

But should one really only buy an air purifier to have fresher and more comfortable air? Most people doubt this because they do not understand the real benefits of such a device. In addition to the refreshing air, which can make life easier, especially in the hot summer, it is of course also cleaned and moistened as mentioned above. This is particularly beneficial for us humans because these air conditions strengthen our immune system, because fewer pathogens can get into the air. Obviously, we become less ill and our general well-being is positively influenced. But especially the increased humidity of the air can prevent dry skin and eyes. In addition, such a cleaner air should be well received by allergy sufferers, because the whole particles of the air are neatly cleaned and removed. Especially in the spring with the many pollen that can be of great advantage for one or the other. But not only we humans are positively influenced by the all around better air. Even older or wooden furniture and other sensitive items benefit from such a change and cracks due to excessive air dryness can be prevented.

So, how do I recognize that my air is too dry or an air purifier would be a good idea for some of my rooms? As already mentioned, dry and itchy hands, burning eyes, frequent neck pain, or recurrent colds and pollen-related allergies all contribute to a generally too dry and impure air. Such symptoms should definitely be considered for such a device.

The technical data and the environmental aspect

Most humidifiers are actually very compact for their performance. With an approximate size of 44 * 28 * 30 and a weight of usually between 3-5 kg ​​(some models vary slightly in size and weight), it is really manageable. However, some special premium products also like to weigh more than 15 kg, but then they have wheels, so you can transport them easier. Considering the power that these devices bring with them, this really is not a problem and they fit on any cupboard or other surface without disturbing you. With a built-in water tank of usually more than 10 liters, the filter mat should be supplied with enough moisture for several months. This makes the maintenance of the device a lot easier. Despite the small dimensions, even a smaller Brune device can take up to 30 Watts and more power, so even rooms with up to more than 60 m³ can be supplied with moist air. However, the values ​​between the models also deviate strongly. Another important point to keep in mind is the volume during operation. Despite the enormous power the fan has to work inside to purge and humidify so much of the air, most Brune humidifiers reach a maximum volume of just over 30 dBA, which is easy to ignore in the background. Thus, it is also much quieter than a quiet conversation.

But which model should one buy and at what price?

Especially with today's humidifiers from Brune, there are enormous differences in terms of price and also some functions. While the cheapest start at around 200 € and still bring very good performance, more expensive products can even cost just over 1000 € and more. But these offer a lot of useful features. So the air is cleaned more effectively by UV rays in better models. Also, these are, as already mentioned above, often a bit larger and heavier than the conventional devices. But this is compensated by practical roles, which makes it comfortable to transport. In addition, these also often have other nice features, such as a display for the water level indicator or an automatic water supply, so you almost never have to really monitor the device. The biggest difference is probably the performance. A premium humidifier, such as the Brune B300, unlike the low-priced models, can accommodate both rooms and provide halls of up to 600 m³ with fresh and clean air. That's almost ten times more than other humidifiers! Therefore, these models are also used more often in large office spaces or in halls, since a single copy is sufficient to supply the entire surface.

Do I need a humidifier and if so, which modell?

Of course, everyone has to make that choice for themselves, but in fact too dry and unclean air is the cause of some illnesses and other things, such as dry eyes or broken furniture. Anyone who knows something like this or who often has problems with their wellbeing should definitely try a humidifier. For smaller apartments or houses, the low-priced models that are offered just under 200 € are even enough. However, with really big facilities or big problems with the air, premium humidifiers are definitely a good choice as they can purify the air more effectively from germs and moisturize significantly larger areas at once.

Your KlimaLex Team