Lübra dehumidifier - best performance for a small price

It is more of a subconscious feeling when it is too humid in a room. You do not feel well, sleep badly or relax and your whole state of mind is in free fall. But not only you suffer from too high humidity, but also your furniture and other items. For example, moisture can stimulate the formation of mold, which in turn is hazardous to health. But also books, fabrics and similar things absorb the moisture. That's why you should opt for a dehumidifier from Lübra at KlimaLex.

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What is a dehumidifier?

Before we get more involved with the Lübra brand, you need to know what a dehumidifier is. Their task is simple: remove moisture from a room and collect it in a tank. As already mentioned, too high humidity can tilt the entire climate in a room. They feel uncomfortable, especially in the warm season, because now almost creates a jungle climate in the room. This is precisely what you prevent with a dehumidifier, because it sucks in the moist air and deprives them of the water. The manufacturer uses different methods for this, but the majority works with a simple refrigerant. The relatively warm air is passed into the device and then passed over the coolant. As a result, the water evaporates and the condensate drips into the tank. You simply need to empty the tank from time to time.

Where do you use the dehumidifiers?

Many people think that a dehumidifier is limited to a living space. But that is not the case, because the applications are much more diverse. Of course, living space plays a big role, with mostly small devices of the brand are sufficient. They perform well and can dehumidify rooms quickly and energy efficiently. Especially recommended is a dehumidifier in bathrooms or general wet rooms. If there are no suitable ventilation windows, you should switch on the dehumidifier after bathing or showering. This will prevent the formation of mold. Speaking of mold, because even in cellars or garages a dehumidifier is a great help. Furthermore, he finds a place where a perfect room climate is desired. Good examples are showrooms, archives or warehouses. Already too humid air can destroy the stored products. Even in emergency situations, the dehumidifier is no longer at home. If it came to a flood after a downpour, you grab the dehumidifier under the arms. For this reason, a dehumidifier for both individuals and companies is the right purchase.

The different types in comparison

We have a variety of Lübra branded products on offer, so it's even more important that you focus on your needs. Although all products provide a pleasant room climate, but depending on the article other specifications are available. Accordingly, you should not simply choose any dehumidifier, but look closely at the product data. Here you can read about what the dehumidifier offers and for which rooms it is suitable.


For small spaces or short operations you should choose the WDH 101 PRO. It offers you a collection container of four liters and therefore does not have to be emptied too often. The respective dehumidifying capacity depends on the outside temperature. At a temperature of up to 30 degrees, up to 12 liters per day are possible. At 20 degrees, you can count on six liters. Dehumidification performance decreases with temperature, which is around 3.9 liters when the temperature is below 20 degrees. Overall, however, an air volume of 120 cubic meters per hour is circulated. That's why the WDH 101 PRO is better for small spaces, preferably between 5 and 120 cubic meters. Of course, the power consumption should not be forgotten. Compared to the other products of the brand, the WDH 101 PRO offers a sufficient power consumption of 172 watts. Interesting is also the noise level. Especially if you want to use the WDH 101 PRO in living rooms. The sound pressure is between 35.5 and 42.5 decibels and is comparable to a slight hum. Finally, you should take a look at the dimensions and the curb weight. The WDH 101 PRO is surprisingly compact and offers you 31 x 53 x 22 centimeters with a weight of 11 kilograms.


Do you have slightly larger rooms or need a device with more power? In this case, the LDH 520 PRO is a good solution. The unit works with R410A refrigerant and provides up to 200 cubic meters of air per hour. The dehumidification performance has also increased compared to the first device. At temperatures up to 30 degrees, you get 18 liters of fluid per day. By contrast, up to 20 degrees, 10.5 liters are possible, with everything below 20 degrees at about 7.2 liters. The container is smaller with three liters, but just as easy to empty. In the best case you can use the LDH 520 PRO with a volume of up to 250 cubic meters. Since the dehumidifier has to do much more, the power consumption also increases. 300 watts are standard on the LDH 520 PRO. The noise emission is surprisingly low at 44 decibels. Also with the LDH 520 PRO we take a closer look at the dimensions, which are 35 x 61 x 25 centimeters. The weight rises slightly to 12.5 kg. We recommend the LDH 520 PRO for work areas from 5 to 35 degrees.

Various different extra functions

In addition to the general technical data, there are still a number of special functions that differ depending on the device. Most products are equipped with a hygrostat. It checks the room humidity and then adjusts the operation. This means, for example, if you set a target humidity of 30 percent, the device automatically turns on or off. But there are a lot more features and benefits, such as a reusable air filter or multiple wheels for easy transport. Therefore, opt for a dehumidifier from Lübra, because here you get a high-quality and practical device home!

The company behind it

If you have convinced yourself of the many advantages of using a dehumidifier, you can look into the company behind it, Lübra. The expert for building drying and air dehumidification was founded in 1983 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Initially, the product offering was still relatively small, but soon the company took the next step. The company developed into a pure service and production company on more than 1,000 square meters, the storage area already included. The offer has also expanded, so that not only dehumidifiers were offered. Today, clothes dryers or similar things can be found. Thanks to its diverse solutions and high quality, the supplier has developed into one of the largest importers of dehumidifiers and air conditioning units in Switzerland. This means that today's products are represented throughout Europe.

Many wonder how high the humidity is:
  • In living rooms: 40-60%
  • In basements: max 65%
  • From 70% oxidation and mildew!
Warning Frequent airing provides only limited benefits when it is cooler or drier outside than e.g. in the basement, it is counterproductive, as warm and humid outside air fogs the cool basement walls!

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