Controlable ceiling fan including a remote control

High-quality ceiling fans with style

A ceiling fan has now become a true cult accessory. On one hand, the practical benefit of regulated air exchange on both very hot days and colder weeks is an extremely welcome opportunity to always create a pleasant indoor climate and on the other hand at the same time enjoy the high degree of comfort through an upgraded homely atmosphere. The individual models of KlimaLex stand out for their exclusive look and high functionality. Meanwhile, much has been done in this area, because the models can be set very easily with a remote control. The special ambience and the silent use in its own discretion is a great advantage, which more and more customers with rather high expectations would like to enjoy. For this reason, it is worth considering a modern ceiling fan to enjoy the specific benefits.

The elegant rotors allow a very special eye-catcher through their high-quality workmanship. In this way, the ceiling in the room becomes the scene of elegant moods and an exquisite look, because the owner of such a fan can at the same time make use of the increased living atmosphere and thereby only offer his guests the best of the best. This is achieved above all by the high-quality workmanship, which results in the highest possible quality thanks to noble materials and an intelligent utilization concept. The operation is very comfortable and in this way particularly uncomplicated. It has never been possible to perfect the indoor climate in a short time at its own discretion.

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RRP 429,00 €
389,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 8 kg
RRP 536,97 €
519,99 €

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Weight 8.9 kg
energy efficiency F for Ceiling fan CasaFan Eco Genuino-L 122 MW-NB
RRP 379,00 €
339,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 7.6 kg
RRP 619,00 €
589,99 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

Weight 7.8 kg
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Easy usage

The individual models in our assortment are particularly convincing due to their very easy handling. The design is designed so that high-quality reversible wooden wings and other quality materials are immediately set in motion by a modern motorization. Here users can find their way around the radio with the very reliable remote control. The motors can be operated in several stages both in forward and reverse. Added to this is the integrated slow motion stage, which in this case is something very special and which makes many models so unique. Thus, a minimal exchange of air is possible, which leads depending on the situation to a desired adjustment of the room temperature.

Due to the high flexibility including an intelligent control, the desired adjustment is possible in a few steps. This is not only fun, but also gives a very pleasant feeling, which is supported by the reliable control. Even from different positions in the room it is so easy to adjust the different levels. This high flexibility is precisely given by the modern design of the fans. In combination with the very elegant look through a fine and sophisticated design results for each user an excellent overall concept, which proves its strengths with the comfortable operation depending on the situation again and again. Thus, several rooms can be operated with different models of different fans to create different and highly individual moods.

High-quality design and quality workmanship

The fans of the assortment captivate above all by their unique processing, which leads at the same time in a particularly pleasant optics. The modern design blends harmoniously with the spatial conditions and can be combined with both traditional and modern living styles. The large selection of different models is also ideal to choose the right fan depending on your own taste or individual preferences. Many of the housings are galvanized and coated with fine paint. Chrome brushed steel or multi-coated components, the noble look is mainly maintained long term. Several reversible blades made of high-quality wood in different sizes can also be mounted in different quantities, depending on the model. This variability makes it possible to implement a problem-free adaptation at its own discretion.

Practically, the choice is for a specific diameter of the fans. Depending on the size of the room, customers can therefore order the ceiling fan in a suitable size. This makes sense in order to spatially realize a symmetrical optics and thus to create a natural balance in the room. Practical is the fact that the models can be built not only on straight but also sloping walls. This leads to a high degree of flexibility and guarantees that a new and exciting look is always achieved in every situation. So contemplative evenings with a slight heat input are just as possible as the cool breeze from above on particularly hot days.

Efficient and powerful

The state-of-the-art ceiling fans from KlimaLex offer a high level of comfort thanks to the integrated remote control, which is easy to control. The design is designed so that long-term use is possible without any problems. This is guaranteed with the ball-bearing, self-cooling engine. This is dynamically balanced and designed for a long service life. Practical is the thermal overload protection, so that even here whisper-quiet operation is possible every day. The built-in motors of each model are equipped with the usual safety standards and optimally designed for a maximum ambient temperature of up to 45 degrees. Above all, the high level of energy efficiency is a real milestone. At low speeds, the very low consumption means that an optimal indoor climate is possible with little effort on a regular basis. But even full speeds are achieved with low wattage and ensure that throughout the year an extremely low energy consumption of the ceiling fan models is possible.

The individual models are real world champions when it comes to saving energy. Especially under the ceiling fans this is not always the case. That's why the powerful and still very quiet engine offers high-quality air performance with optimized energy consumption. Practical in this context is the very easy installation on ceilings or ceiling slopes. With the quick installation, the effect of the fans can be experienced immediately. The models can be equipped in different wing sizes. Thanks to the high quality of the design and the use of durable components, a daily use of the ceiling fan models is no problem.

Rich selection of designs

The KlimaLex range of ceiling fans offers a rich selection of models and designs. Both traditional forms and colors are just as possible as extremely futuristic concepts. This makes it possible to find a suitable fan for the appropriate style of living. The extremely elegant workmanship and easy installation makes the whole process a breeze and allows in a short time the realization of a desired spatial mood. The fine rotors are by their elegant appearance a real eye-catcher and captivate by a very special effect in the torque. Therefore, the right model is also available for every taste in order to significantly enhance the spatial atmosphere.

Also the high variance in the range of the colors is a big advantage. In this way, every fan can also be intentionally staged in interaction with the furniture components and a spatial structure. The flexibility and easy adaptability of the individual rotors is a great advantage and allows individual models to be used multiple times in the home in different rooms. Especially when a particular model is favored, installation is possible in a very flexible way and guarantees to create a very unique mood in a short time. The stable installation and the extremely comfortable operation allow a real appreciation of your own homely atmosphere. So that users can enjoy the modern lifestyle in a particularly versatile way.