Fan accessories and spare parts range

Sustainability in the private sector and in the business enterprise

If you think and act in an environmentally conscious and economical way, sustainability is the focus. If household appliances and utensils are broken, a repair can save your wallet. With little cost and time, you can buy a spare part for the pipe or floor fan and start the device again. With the extensive accessories, you can upgrade a ceiling fan and bring to the latest technology. Find out what options exist and how they are used by KlimaLex in the following article on sustainability, accessories and spare parts“.

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What accessories and spare parts can you buy for the fan?

Depending on whether you buy a floor, roof or ceiling fan, you have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of accessories and numerous spare parts. Especially on hot summer days, when the hot air in the production area builds up, a cool down is welcome.

Accessories for ceiling fans and large fans

Provide enough fresh air and cooling in large halls, production areas and industrial facilities by installing a ceiling or large fan. The so-called flow machine, or the ceiling fan ensure sufficient air circulation and thus for a healthy indoor air quality. You can get the following products for your ceiling fan:

ceiling bars for ceiling fans:

For ceiling slopes, the poles are particularly recommended, because the ceiling fan can be adjusted according to the available height. At particularly high ceilings, the fan can be hung lower, if you attach a ceiling bar to the suspension.

Energy-saving lamps for ceiling fans with lighting:

Use the energy-saving lamps and get high-quality effect lights with energy-saving recommendation.

Remote Control:

For easy operation, you can buy a remote control and set the ceiling fan to your liking. The radio remote control is supplied with wall bracket and can rotate the rotor blades in forward and reverse rotation. Using the dimmer and the timer, you can adjust the light of the illuminated ceiling fan to your needs.

Accessories and spare parts for the tube ventilator

A pipe fan is particularly suitable for improving the indoor air quality. In large production halls, poorly ventilated rooms, halls and halls, without daylight windows, attaching a pipe ventilator is particularly recommended.

Ceiling diffuser for wall and ceiling mounting

For the supply air and exhaust air, the pipe fan requires a ceiling passage, according to the respective diameter. The ceiling passage is placed directly in the wall or in the ceiling. At this passage, the ventilation pipes of the tube fan are attached.

Speed controller - Speed regulation technology

For the stepless speed adjustment of the AC motors, the speed controller is installed. This can also accommodate several motors, which is specified up to the specified maximum nominal load capacity.

Pressure difference switch - Clean room air thanks to filter control system

This system monitors the air filter and comes in different models depending on the model. Check the air quality and monitor the condition of the filters by integrating a differential pressure switch.

Filterboxes - filter fitted cleanly!

The filter boxes are installed directly into the pipe run of the pipe fans and clean the incoming air from outside. The filters are washable, regular cleaning is recommended. The filter replacement is only necessary if the material of the filter, due to the heavy duty has some damage.

Pipe Check Caps - Avoid Cold Air Flow

The galvanized sheet steel check valve prevents cold air from entering the flow channel when the unit is not being used. The technology works spring-supported and thus automatically.

Silencer for quiet operation

The extremely quiet silencers for tube fans ensure quiet operation of the device. The muffler reduces sound noise within the ventilation system of the tube fan. If you want to increase the insertion loss to a maximum, you can attach several mufflers in succession if they have the same diameter.

Pipe connections for safe installation

For pipe fans to be attached to the piping system, piping connections are required for safe installation. The robust connectors made of galvanized sheet steel give the device stability and safety. In addition, the connectors have an integrated, sound-absorbing foam rubber insert. The insert prevents the generated vibrations from being transferred to the pipe system.

Protective grille - Controlled supply air and exhaust air for tubular fans

The caps are designed for the exhaust air and supply air flow, inside the tube fans. In addition, the protective grille prevents birds or other animals from entering the pipe system. The motorized caps are easy to assemble and work with a spring assisted technique. This means that the caps open automatically when tensioned and when the tension is reduced, they close again. The different designs are to be selected according to the model and flow rate stability.

Spare parts warehouse for roof fans

This cost-effective variant is suitable for sustainably improving the air quality in houses. The contaminated air is removed from the room and discharged via the exhaust air system, and the controlled supply of fresh air is guaranteed.

The continuously variable speed adjuster for roof fans

This is often supplied as an accessory when you order a roof fan. The models come in a folding stainless steel housing and are easy to clean.

Protective grille for roof fans

Replace damaged guards on the roof fan and prevent animals or debris from damaging the fan. The newer models are delivered without exhaust hoods, are the old models, by the novel design in no way. Save money by accessing a variant without an exhaust hood, thus saving material.

Floor fans - Constant cooling from the floor

These "wind machines" are placed directly on the ground and release a cool air into the environment. Whether for industrial use, animal husbandry, workplace environment or production, the floor fan can cool down in any industry. The wind machines can be used in warehouses or at events, provide a fresh breeze.

Accessories for floor fans:

Also for floor fans there is a spare parts assortment to choose from. Repair your device with the help of the following products:

Fan speed controller

Floor fans with speed control need a speed controller. This ensures quiet and trouble-free operation and can be set to several speeds. If the engine speed controller is defective, you can easily replace it.

Spare grille for floor fans

If the protective grid is damaged, it is possible to replace the protective grid. Especially with floor fans, the protective grid is particularly important to minimize the risk of injury. Replace the damaged grilles of your floor fans to ensure maximum safety.

Conclusion: Guarantee sustainability through spare parts procurement

Get plenty of parts for your model and ensure optimal air quality and air circulation in the home and business. The versatile fans, support the daily work routine and ensure a pleasant environment. The particularly quiet designed models can be used in large halls, storage rooms and even in small rooms, without windows. Depending on the room size and area to be ventilated, there is the corresponding final solution in the form of sophisticated fan technology. Visit our KlimaLex website and get a fresh breeze and cool down.

Your KlimaLex Team