Outdoor ceiling fan

Stylish and unusual - The outdoor ceiling fans are suitable for use in sheltered outdoor areas, such as on the covered balcony or terrace. These fans are also ideal for damp rooms, such as the bathroom or generally rooms with high humidity. With a degree of protection of IPX4, they are not only protected against splash water and moisture, but also weatherproof. Where normal fans fail, they can be put to excellent use. In heavy rain or thunderstorms, however, you should cover them. In addition, forward as well as reverse and remote control or wall control is possible. They also have a balanced motor and wings and are optionally suitable for mounting lights.

In addition, outdoor ceiling fans have many advantages over other types of fans. They are permanently installed on the ceiling and are therefore theft-proof. In addition, there are no limits in design. The air is circulated by the direct air flow from above. It starts at the ceiling, spreads out over a wide area and reaches almost everywhere within the radius. Of course, the size of the fan always plays a major role and should be selected accordingly. Once it fits, an optimal cooling effect is created. At the same time, speed is not required here. Because the movement of the air alone immediately provides noticeable cooling. This ensures the perfect cooling off in summer. They also drive away flies and other insects quite successfully.

Caution: The installation is complex and should only be carried out by a trained electrician.

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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Any sheltered outdoor area that is far too warm in summer and where you can stay longer is for one Suitable for outdoor ceiling fans. This applies to both covered balcony, as well as the terrace. Who not constantly sweats, is more motivated to go outside even in the heat and can enjoy the fresh air!

Outdoor ceiling fans produce pleasantly cool air when you get too hot outside. You have different speed levels. The higher the fan speed, the stronger the air blast. So they are individually adaptable.

The engine is the heart and is located in the center of the Subjects. Inside is an AC motor, which ever varies according to size and number of wings. More powerful engines are suitable therefore also suitable for larger areas. Still, the length should of the wing must be taken into account when making the selection. have average Motors in the ceiling fan have a power between 30 and 80 watts.

Interesting facts about functionality

With a human body temperature of around 37 °C, it becomes in Summer months quickly become too hot and unbearable. It's no use to hide at home, because fresh air is important. happiness who has an outdoor ceiling fan on his terrace. The air is circulated & the so-called thermal layer becomes formal blown away.

This is how the fan works outdoors:
  • Cooling by circulating air even in hot summer days
  • Dissolution of the "standing" heat-warmth layer
  • pleasant, natural climate around the fan

The natural principle of evaporative cooling

As soon as sweat develops on the skin, the regulation of the body temperature and you get too warm. The solution: cool down through the evaporation of sweat. With the air circulation the ceiling fan accelerates this effect.

Advantages thanks to the following properties:
  • angenehme Luftzirkulation
  • the principle of evaporative cooling
  • constant room temperatures

Advantages over other types of fans

A ceiling fan is permanently installed on the ceiling and is therefore thief-proof. Its installation is laborious and should only be done by one trained electrician.

In addition, there are the following advantages:
  • limits in design
  • direkter Luftstrom von oben
  • pleasant cooling in summer
  • wide air circulation
  • fairly successful in repelling flies & other insects
  • working quietly and promoting the working atmosphere

The circulation starts at the ceiling and extends over a wide area and comes almost anywhere within the radius. The size of the fan always plays a major role here and should be selected accordingly. Once it fits, it comes into being optimal cooling effect. At the same time, speed is here not asked. Because the movement of the air alone immediately causes the noticeable cooling effect.

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