FAQ: Help to Air humidifier

Overview of frequently asked questions regarding air humidifier

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The lime cartridges are included in the air humidifiers. Are the activated charcoal filters / HEPA filters included in the air purifiers? Or do they have to be ordered separately?
You only buy complete equipment at KlimaLex. Only need a 230V / 50 ~ Hz socket. And, of course, still (tap) water in the humidifiers. All required filters and other parts are included in the Honeywell units. The humidifiers also contain smaller spare parts in the cleaning kit. To save shipping costs, we recommend you to buy a set of replacement filters or decalcification cartridges.
My humidifier has been in operation for two days and I have already refilled two times, but the humidity has only increased by a few percent. Is the device defective?
If you refill water, this means that your device is working and water releasing into the air. However, it may take a few days for the desired humidity to set.
This is dependent on the device used, the room size and the furniture included. Wood and carpet can store a lot of water. So if you had a dry room, the wood and all the other materials in the air sucked up the water.
Please remember not only the wooden ceiling and the wooden floor, the wooden ceiling, the carpet and also the plaster walls, but also every piece of furniture you have in the room. Under certain circumstances it takes up to 20 days to set the desired air humidity.
The humidifier has been in operation for several days and I regularly refill water, But the air is still too dry. What is the reason?
Either you have selected too small (dimensioned) unit, or the air produced for the humidity is transported to the outside with the wind through open doors, room passages and windows. The room size recommended by www.klimalex.de is of course aimed at a closed room.
How often do I have to change the filter cartridges?
This depends on your water. The decalcification cartridges last an average of three to five months.
Can the service life of the decalcification cartridges be extended?
Yes, you can extend the service life by using a regenerative pre-filter. Depending on the quality of the water, the K filter for lime-containing water and / or the SF filter for mineral water.
How often do I have to change the dust filters?
We recommend using www.klimalex.de to change the filter in case of heavy contamination. Unfortunately, we can not answer this flatly because we do not know how much dust is in your rooms. When keeping pets (birds, cat dog, rodent, ...), the dust filter should be changed frequently, since it is contaminated more quickly If you still have an air cleaner in the room, the dust filter can last up to two years, otherwise it is recommended to change the filter with the decalcification cartridge for hygienic reasons.
How often should I clean the unit?
We recommend a weekly cleaning of the humidifiers. If the device is cleaned regularly, this takes only a little time.
Can I add perfumes (essential oils, etc.) to the water?
This should be by no means!
A) these substances can react with the plastic of the humidifier and damage it B) these substances are atomised very finely in the air, which can lead to health hazards. We recommend fragrances for fragrances to spread odors and essential oils.
What is the settlement, in the warranty or without warranty?
This is the exception for our devices. If an error occurs, please send us an email and you will receive an address from us, to which you can send the device free of charge shipping!
In my lime cartridge, the granules fall out, is this a guarantee?
If the cartridge is soaked in the water for at least 12 hours, as described in the manual, the decalcified granules are filled with water. As a result, the grains become larger and they can no longer fall out of the cartridge.
Since the humidifier has been put into operation, we have seen white deposits on the furniture. What is it and how can I prevent this precipitation?
Your water is too hard. You probably need the K filter for very hard water. By using the K-filter, you can also extend the lifetime of your decalcifier cartridge. If you have a softening system, add the water salt, you will need the SF-530E filter. It may be sufficient that these deposits do not occur when you turn back the power of your ultrasonic humidifier a bit, or operate it in the night mode.
I have an older humidifier from Burg, now I need a new float and / or a new float seal, but can not I find this on my side for my equipment?
These floats are no longer produced. Possibly the (old) float with plug fits with you. The old float seals with the hole are also no longer produced. You can, however, help with our offered seals,
By pinching or cutting off the pin and using a needle to pierce a hole in the center of the seal.
On my BH-860E, the buttons are not working and humidity can not be adjusted?
For safety reasons, the operating buttons are blocked when there is not enough water in the unit.
Night switching and continuous operation are also not possible. Please fill in fresh water, then you can operate the appliance as usual.