Honeywell Air purifier

Domestic and fine dust, cigarette smoke and commercial, industrial or traffic-related air pollution, Honeywell air purifiers clean the air of pollutants. Modern, efficient and energy-saving, these special air purification units from the American technology group ensure healthy indoor air. In the most different price ranges for the most different ranges with KlimaLex.

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Why buy a room air purifier from this company?

Honeywell air cleaners not only benefit MCS sufferers or allergy sufferers. In the US, these room air improvers are found in many homes and workspaces. They belong to the home furnishings such as the microwave or the refrigerator. Air cleaners rid the air of dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores, animal hair, mites and various other substances that have a harmful effect on the body or the lungs. Modern filter technologies and a retention capacity of in some cases more than 99 percent of airborne pollutants, these devices ensure clean air. This makes breathing easier for allergy sufferers and ensures a pleasant well-being.

Examples of the use of a room air purifier

Spring is a difficult time, especially for pollen allergy sufferers. Pollen and pollen invade through open children's living and bedroom windows. A high-quality room air purifier ensures a reduction in pollen load or completely remedy. Ultimately, for better health.

In homes that are located on busy roads, a room air scrubber ensures improved air quality.

In case of mold, health-promoting mold spores are reduced. However, air washers are not a permanent solution in this case.

Asthmatics and allergy sufferers who are sensitive to air pollution benefit from improved wellbeing.

Why indoor air purifier of the American manufacturer?

The American conglomerate has many years of experience in the production of engines and other areas of aerospace. Also in the field of building services and in the production of air conditioning units. The New Jersey-based corporation uses this expertise to develop advanced and efficient air washers. Good quality at fair prices makes this manufacturer one of the leading suppliers of indoor air purifiers.

The function of a room air purifier

Air washers are not the same as air washers. This also applies to the products of the same manufacturer. Therefore, the function of different devices differs in part. An example of this is the HPA710 Room Air Purifier. This air cleaner are efficient model that filter 99.97% of the microallergens from indoor air, and they have an HEPA filter.

Honeywell air purifier with ionizer generate ions. These ions attract particles from indoor air such as house dust, pollen or spores and ensure clean air. Comparable is an ionizer with an older television set, where deposited by the electrical charge dust particles on the plastic housing. Another comparison is a statically charged rod that attracts the hair. This technology is particularly beneficial for pollen or house dust allergy sufferers but also to filter odors from the air. For example, smells in the kitchen or the smell of a pet.

The function of an air purifier, however, can be explained point by point in the example of the HPA710 KlimaLex air washer, which uses several filter stages to clean the room air.

  • The pre-filter filters particles such as human hair or pollen out of the air.
  • The activated carbon filter behind removes odors and gases.
  • Smaller particles will pick up the HPA filter in the third step. These include all particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. For example, house dust or animal dander. Also smoke particles. Exceptions are the smallest particles such as viruses and bacteria.
  • The ionizer increases the performance and efficiency of particulate uptake by the Honeywell Air Purifier.

Which indoor air purifier is available from the US based company?

The manufacturer based in the USA covers the individual needs of its customers with its offer. This applies to the prices of the devices, filter technologies and areas of application.

HPA 710 Premium Air Purifier

This model is one of the best indoor air purifiers available on the market. Offered for around € 300, this air scrubber filters out 99.97% of the microscopic particles from indoor air and improves the health of its users. Pollen, dust, mold, smoke - all particles larger than 0.3 microns. The room air purifier with 5 filter stages has an air delivery capacity of 187 m³ per hour. Suitable for premises up to 21 m². Convenient is the LED air quality sensor, which displays red (bad), yellow (ok) and blue (good), the air quality.

Air Genius 5 HFD323E

The Air Genius 5 HFD323E indoor air purifier also captures up to 99.9% of all microscopic particles. This device is priced at around 200 euros cheaper than the HPA 710. However, there is no parental control, no sensor for the detection of air quality and no timer. Its filter technology makes this air scrubber very well suited for household VOCs. This makes this model suitable for removing odors in the kitchen. But even if dealing with paints and varnishes in the home, this room air purifier is a good choice.

Of course, also for the classic use to remove pollen or dust particles from the room air. The ifD primary filter can be cleaned with water. The American manufacturer recommends the quarterly cleaning of the filter. This saves users from buying a new filter, which saves money. The cleaning performance of 273 m³ per hour (CADR) is higher than that of the HPA 710 Premium Air Purifier. Accordingly, the air purification in larger premises is no problem.

What to look for when buying a room air purifier?

Regardless of price and filter technology, all room air washers from the American developer perform their work reliably. Decisive in the air scrubber is that some factors are taken into account and considered. For example, the filter performance. If a room air purifier with comparatively low filter performance is used in a large room, the device will not be satisfactory for the user. By contrast, such a model is perfectly adequate for smaller premises and helps to save electricity costs. Particle retention in percent is also an important indication. The higher, the more efficient the room air cleaner filters the smallest particles such as dander.

An air-conditioner with ionizer provides improved efficiency but is not always the best solution. Especially not in connection with cigarette smoke. For pollen and house dust, however, a good choice. Also the filter change intervals have to be considered. In addition, the area of use should also be included in the purchase. When operating in an office, the noise is less important than when operating in a bedroom. If these factors are considered, owners of a room air purifier of this company are usually satisfied with their device for a long time.

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