Wall fans

The convenient and space-saving optimization of the room air

If the office work in the summer melancholy, suffers the relaxation in the crowded bar or the air in the bedroom once again for a restless break in bed - then this may be due to the different air cushions in the room. For an optimal indoor climate, the right air circulation is required. In summer and winter alike air corridors or air cushions form in the apartment. For example, the temperature at windows or in the air ducts of one's own four walls may actually be a few degrees different from other areas of the house. This in turn leads to different room climate characteristics. The primary consequence is an unpleasant feeling in your own home. Secondarily, this variability of the temperature within a few areas certainly causes an annoying sense of pressure in the head or indeed also cold feet in the living room on the couch. So that the air can not collect on air cushions on different levels of the room, the wall fan serves as a magical solution for mixing the air masses to a homogeneous room climate. And now the resident can enjoy his refreshing cocktail in the summer or his cuddly hours on the sofa in the cold season with KlimaLex - all around with well-being in his own four walls.

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What are wall fans?

Wall fans are small and simple room air wonders for almost every room. Whether in private or professional settings, these technical air vortex artists create a homogenous air in every small niche. On the one hand, this promotes the health of all persons who spend a long time here. On the other hand, it also prevents temperature-related influences such as moisture, cold and overexposure - it can be seen that the wall fan can equally provide good air in winter as well as in summer. The use is conceivable in various areas. The following list of uses provides an overview of a meaningful use of such fan models. There are some usage options in private:

  • Living room (distribution of warming at south side)
  • Bedroom (For a healthy and restful sleep)
  • eat-in kitchen
  • Bathroom (drying the humid indoor climate)

In addition, the wall fans are also suitable for use with other refuges. A selection of numerous possible fields of use suggests the universal use of air distributors:

  • Interior and exterior walls of new and old buildings
  • Small interior rooms
  • office complexes
  • school buildings
  • gymnasiums
  • Print
  • storage area
  • industrial buildings
  • shafts and pipes
  • (hotel) Lobby
  • Public institutions (museums, government agencies, etc.)
  • Institutions with public access (banks, shopping centers, etc.)
  • catering equipment
  • Halls

So these models are not only their use when once on the desk in front of shelves, pens Cases, computers and other utensils is no more space. In particular, the functional and flexible application allows great potential for a desired feel-good atmosphere.

Different models for individual use

Wall fans are usually not noticeable and yet functional. That's why the powerful fans are characterized by a restrained design. The elegant design of the wall fans allows a harmonious integration into an existing room ambience. Thanks to versatile color combinations and various patterns in the cover, they seem to have always been part of the room atmosphere. Furthermore, these fans give the user a noiseless backdrop, which is also the big advantage of an application in the public. In the conference room of a savings bank, in the tension-generating art ambience or just at dinner with stimulating conversation in the evening free time - here and in many situations simply no rotation and showering should spoil the pleasant and restful atmosphere. Two general variants are available for optimal air exchange:

  • Wall installation
  • Window Installation

Mounting on the wall proves to be a preference and turns out to be particularly flexible. In addition, the owner receives the following benefits:

  • Space-saving installation above the action radius
  • Use of low traffic areas, niches
  • No source of interference in the work area
  • Minimizing unpleasant air currents
  • Uniform air distribution (especially in the heating season)

In contrast to mobile standing or table fans, these models are firmly anchored. This gives the owners above all the advantage of a stable and constant Luftvermengung. The fixed assembly does not inhibit the flexibility in any case, because the fan can be moved in any positioning. This also makes it possible to change the orientation, although the models have a fixed anchorage. The low noise level is often achieved by a combination of wire mesh and a different number of fine fins. The corresponding grid size also prevents finger interference - especially as protection against injury to babies and children - if the device has been installed at an accessible height.

Practice: Instead of the rotors in standard pedestal fans or mobile on the table, the wall fans have louvers which allow a uniform flow of air.

For use in the commercial and industrial sectors, there are much more powerful wall fans available. In this field of application also established the models for a window assembly, as space and the resulting exhaust air from production cycles can thus also directly into the open air. The functionality is adjusted variably according to the existent basic conditions by stages transformer and speed controller. These wall fans are mainly suitable for large premises as well as for professional use. In addition, these products contain overheating and overload protection as safety measures. The high air circulation now also allows a pleasant room climate in addition to production facilities.

Practice: The installation in the upper half of the room ensures an all-encompassing exchange in the entire area - for a specific use, the moving heads act as filter factors.

Thanks to the rotating function of the fan head, larger surfaces are simultaneously moved to exchange air. And yet, the airflow can also be constantly controlled when the head is focused. Depending on the application requirements and at different times of the day or year, there is thus great potential for use. With an adjustable tilt head, certain niches can be efficiently supplied with the required air flow. This is particularly important in wet rooms or in certain workplaces in the kitchen a large role to the humidity and the haze to master. The ease of installation allows fast deployment in almost any environment - also this equipment shows up in a disassembly without large residues, only the holes for the holder must be filled. Without much expertise in the craftsmen segment, these indoor climate miracles are completely uncomplicated and are available as effective air optimizers without time delay and start-up phase.

Practice: As a guide should serve that with increasing height of the wall mounting an increased stage setting imperceptible and less noticeable for guests, residents or customers.

Operation takes place via the selectable levels and thus enables the user to individually adapt the functionality to his own requirements and circumstances - including the variability of the weather. As a gentle breeze this is usually the level 1 from. This is often in close proximity to the workplace as a tried and tested means, as well as no paper messed up or very light objects can be blown away. The other stages - this varies from model to model - prove to be the following mainly for the active use of an air exchange or a Luftvermengung.

What advantages do ventilators reveal for the wall?

Wall fans give some wonderful benefits to their owners. On the one hand, this is the enormous space savings to name. This unbeatable aspect gives fans for wall mounting their versatile range of applications. Either in appropriate heights of a room or the seemingly uneconomic corners of an ambient, these fans are easy to install. Without any disturbance, the air is optimally swirled and slowly homogenized. This is a clear plus, especially in the restaurant business. Constantly rising doors and the resulting air circulation cause unpleasant cold air aisles or air currents - but this must not be for the benefit of the guest and the staff itself! In addition, the use of a wall fan reveals some other benefits:

  • Healthy pleasant room climate
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Cost-effective fan system
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving installation
  • Long-lasting technology
  • Robust Materials
  • High flow
  • power-saving operation
  • Noiseless scenery
  • Modern design for every style
  • Choice of colors according to the ambience possible
  • stability through solid anchoring
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Recyclable Items
  • Tested quality
  • Complete package with bracket

In addition, mounting at a certain height is very useful. On the one hand, the air layers do not form on the floor in the room, but at a certain ceiling height. Furthermore, the owner thus eliminates a source of interference - who does not find it annoying when the table fan blows in the face. With the additional features of some products, the room climate can be made even more individual and, above all, easier to discover:

  • switchable oscillation
  • Timer control
  • Louvers instead of impellers as an alternative
  • Optional remote control
  • Filter with filter indicators
  • humidity sensor
  • run function
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