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The heat is simply unbearable in summer. Even with the window open or in cool shade, you will feel uncomfortable. That's the end of it, if you decide for an air conditioner. An air conditioner is the perfect solution to permanently lower the temperature in a room. Of course, we have many different products on offer, which is why you do not know exactly which article to choose. KlimaLex shows you all about air conditioners.

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What is an air conditioner?

Before we get more involved with the technical details or different types, you need to know what an air conditioner is. It is a device that sucks and cools the warm indoor air. Depending on the technology, the hot air is cooled down by cooling element or refrigerant. The cold air is returned to the room, the remaining heat is led out. Basically, an air conditioner exchanges the warm for cold air in a room.

The many advantages

The question arises whether you really need an air conditioner. That's why we're dealing with the benefits. First and foremost, you endure the summer better. In recent years, the temperatures continued to rise, so that the heat accumulated in the rooms. If you do not have good ventilation, you will soon feel like in a sauna. This is exactly what an air conditioner should prevent by removing the warm air in the room and at the same time blowing cold air into the room. After a few minutes of use, you will notice a clear difference. The improved indoor climate is just one reason why you should opt for an air conditioner. Another is that you live much healthier. The heat makes the circuit difficult, especially for children and seniors. Do not pay attention, this can even end in collapse. Therefore, cool the room pleasantly and thus provide more well-being. Even in the evening, an air conditioner is the right choice. Although now the temperatures fall, it is still stuffy-hot at night. This interferes with your sleep pattern and you can hardly fall asleep and / or fall asleep. Exactly now an air conditioner is used, because thanks to the cooling the indoor climate is more pleasant and much more sleep-friendly. By the way: An air conditioner not only reduces the temperature, but cleans the air in the same step. This improves the indoor climate even further. A final benefit is that you basically do not have to worry about anything. Today's systems work fully automatically and can be adjusted according to your own wishes. So decide on a target temperature, how long the device should run or when it should start working. For example, just before you get home. The room is already cooled and you come to a pleasantly tempered home.

Do not confuse an air conditioner with an air cooler

If you are interested in cooler indoor air, you will inevitably pass an air cooler. But watch out: it is not an air conditioner. An air cooler works on the basis of evaporative cooling. This means you fill a tank with cold water. Now the air cooler sucks in the warm air, passing it over the cold water and blowing the cooled air out over a fan. The advantage of an air cooler is that the devices are quite compact and small. But those do not offer a good cooling performance as a cooling system. In most cases, you can only direct the cold air to a point stationary. The temperature in the room is not cooled down, but you only notice a cold breeze. For some this is enough, but if you want to cool down an entire room, an air cooler is too weak. You also need to refill the water regularly and the volume is quite high.

A fan is not enough?

Another variant, which many people use against hot summer days, is a fan. He is a true classic, but even with the fan you can not expect that lowers the room temperature. Basically, no cooling unit is used at all. The only job of a fan is to set the warm air in front of him in motion. The accelerated movement makes the air cold when it hits your skin, for example. As soon as the movement decreases, the air is warm again. In this respect, a fan can not cool the room, but only set the air in motion. It is possible that you connect a classic air conditioner with a fan. This is practical, especially in large rooms, because it helps to distribute the cold air better in the room. As a rule, however, an air conditioning unit can do it alone.

This is how the air conditioner works smoothly:

  • Tip 1: For quick results, use the air conditioner only with the windows and doors closed. Open doors and windows ensure that warm air flows in and additionally pollutes the air conditioner. In addition, there are products that detect open windows or doors and automatically switch off the device. Therefore always close everything in order to achieve the best possible results.
  • Tip 2: From time to time you should take a closer look at the intake and exhaust hose. It can lead to blockages, which is why the air conditioner no longer performs the full power. Especially outdoors leaves or dirt can cause a blockage.
  • Tip 3: For regular cleaning, do not come around. First of all, clean the filter and disinfect the system.

What types of air conditioners are there?

Take a look at our range and notice that there are different types of air conditioners. Of course, they all bring many benefits, but you should consider where you want to use your device and what it needs to do. That's why we introduce you to the different types in more detail.

Fixed Air Conditioner: If you are looking for efficient, cost-effective and durable cooling, you should opt for a permanently installed air conditioner. It is spoken by so-called "split systems". That is, one part of the system reaches into the room, the other part is on the outside of the building. If you decide on a split system, you have to keep in mind that a wall opening is necessary. Especially in rental housing, this is usually not allowed. In addition to the above split air conditioning systems, there are also other permanently installed products. In these the supply air exhaust air device is connected to each other. Inside the product you will discover a compressor. Its task is to compress the refrigerant and then liquefy it. This means: The warm room air is sucked in and passed over the coolant. The warm air vaporizes, removing the heat energy from the air. The cooled air is now returned to the room. A permanently installed device has even more advantages, because it can also provide fresh air, regulate the humidity and filter the incoming air.

Mobile device: If you are not allowed to break through the wall, you should opt for a mobile air conditioner. It has the advantage that you can take it anywhere and set it up. In most cases, such devices have wheels, which makes transport easier. For example, you want to cool the living room and therefore take the air conditioner with you. In the evening you want a cold bedroom, so you just drive over the facility. Although a mobile device is not quite as effective as the fixed version, it is perfectly adequate for most households. But you have to pay attention to which mobile device you choose. Today, there are both large-scale, high-power systems and smaller devices that offer less power but are cheaper. By the way: If you do not currently need the cooling system, you can put away the device to save space. For example, over the winter.

What you have to pay attention to when buying?

An air conditioner is a great help and should not be missing in any household. But now the question is: which product should you buy? We have many different devices on offer that are sure to provide a chilled indoor climate. However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can buy the optimal system for your home.

Species: First of all, you should consider what type of air conditioner it should be. You have the choice between a permanently installed device, such as a split system, or a mobile product. Now it depends on what conditions exist and what you want. A fixed installation is excellent if you want a high cooling capacity. In addition, the air conditioning takes away no space, as that is embedded in the wall. But that is partly the problem, because you need a wall opening for the installation. Although the mobile system requires a fixed parking space, it can nevertheless perform well. Important: The mobile air conditioner always needs a window to divert the hot air. It is up to you which of the two species inspires you more.

Cooling performance: The cooling performance indicates how effectively the device cools the room. The performance does not always have to be high for you to get a good result. Especially if you only want to cool down a small room, a lower cooling capacity is sufficient. Practically, many systems today provide the ability to set a target temperature. This means that the room is, for example, cooled down to 20 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature has been reached, the system switches off. If the temperature rises again, the device starts to work. The best way to calculate the cooling capacity based on your room size. There are many computers on the Internet that can help you.

Energy consumption: A refrigerator is working with electricity. Every second, where the device is in use, energy is consumed. The less, the better. Therefore, pay attention to the energy consumption when buying. It should be noted that more powerful devices do not necessarily consume more power. Especially the permanently installed systems are usually much more energy efficient. Nevertheless, you should once again check the consumption and recalculate. It also always depends on how long you run the system per day.

Noise level: Actually, an air conditioner should cool the room and not attract attention at all. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all systems. The devices with the lowest noise level are the built-in systems. Even in operation, these are relatively quiet and compare to the hum of the refrigerator. Louder are mobile systems. The volume also depends on where you install the air conditioner. For example, if the system is supposed to pre-cool your bedroom so you can sleep well in the evening, the volume is of secondary importance because the unit works independently and alone. However, if you want to watch television or something similar, the noise level should be low.

Functions: Over the years air conditioners have evolved considerably. You can do more than just cool down a room today. Starting with the fact that most devices filter the room air. The latter is sucked in and cooled, but at the same time freed from dust and dirt. This is especially good for allergy sufferers, but even children or seniors benefit from it. Generally, this improves the health value of the air. In addition, all devices work with a timer. The timer has the task of switching the device on and off. For example, you can program that the system should start working in two hours. Thanks to the built-in thermometer you can say that the air conditioner should run until a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is reached. Thereby you connect the different functions of the system. An interesting feature is the warming up of a room. In this respect, some devices not only cool, but also warm the room. This is very convenient in winter, where the air conditioner would otherwise be superfluous.

Price: The price should play a minor role, because the other factors decide on the purchase. We recommend that you look at our different products and check them for suitability for your cause. If you have made a selection of various systems, you can look at the price. This will bring you an air conditioner home, which makes you really happy. By the way: Our devices are designed for a long life. In this respect, they accompany you over the years.

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