Electrical heating devices

With electric heaters you can determine exactly when and where you need and want the heat. These devices give you independency from centralized heating systems, guaranteed by the enormous and readily available power of electric heaters. Many central heating systems simply continue to heat even when you are not at home, and this can be avoided with electric heaters because they can be used exactly where you want them and the central system can be reduced when you are away from home. In modern equipment, the costs are in purchase and consumption. In the long run, both systems are cheaper than one system at a time. However, these acquisition costs are not comparable to the acquisition costs of a central heating system. They are only a fraction of the central heating systems. Find out here at KlimaLex.

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The different electric heaters

Your own costs can be reduced and productivity can be increased if you use the right system. For example, look at the following categories.

Electrical heaters

An electric heater in general is characterized by its manageable size. It is suitable for heating individual rooms in which there is no heating, these can be well equipped with electric heaters and heated quickly and efficiently. Mostly these are adjoining rooms, which do not have to be heated constantly and are not inhabited. As the fan heaters quickly increase the room temperature, they are ideal for the transitional periods when the central heating is not switched on yet. Of course, there are also special devices that find their application in the most diverse areas.

Hand and hair dryer

There are hand or hair dryers, which are used especially in the hygienic area. Individually it can be adjusted on many devices, how long it heats and is activated. Activation is usually done by pressing a button. They are exactly where they are needed and therefore absolutely functional. As we become more and more modern in our households, especially in recent years, the trend has emerged that all sorts of appliances have been replaced by new electrical appliances. This brings a lot of relief in the daily tasks and makes life easier for some people.

Hand and hairdryers have moved into many private households. Usually, you know these devices rather from the swimming pools or public sanitary facilities. They simplify a lot and save time for us, in addition, no conventional towels are needed, which emphasizes the environmental aspect, since it works only with warm air. Both the hair dryer and the hand dryer have been developed for a thorough and comfortable drying of the hair and hands. In order to bring the devices to the modern state of the art, a lot of research has been done in recent years. The design, ease of use and, of course, sustainability were taken into account.

A hairdryer is a small, compact box, which is attached to the wall. It has a long hose, which can often be longer than 1.5 meters. This ensures a high degree of flexibility. Through a pleasant flow of air that comes from the hose, the hair can be blown clean and dry. The hand dryer is also attached to the wall and also a small, compact box. However, there is no hose here to dry hands. The hands are dried by means of a nozzle, from which a strong, pleasant stream of air comes. With a hand dryer you save paper towels or towels. The paper towels are neither thrown away nor need towels to be washed.

With these devices, such as the hand or hair dryer, you can save yourself some time a day. The devices are immediately able to generate a strong and direct airflow because they are electric. Within seconds, hands and hair are freed from moisture. Another advantage is the lack of contact during the drying process. So no bacteria can be transmitted through the contact of wipes. With the new, modern devices, the volume has been reduced and the noise level is barely higher today than in a conversation.

Very important is the comfort of drying. The devices have now been designed so that hours of rubbing under the air flow is no longer necessary. The air flows have been optimally adapted and ensure a fast, thorough and especially pleasant drying for you. Particular attention is paid here to the comfortable temperature to increase the feeling of comfort. Best of all, the temperature is set so that only water vapor is created, which can thus escape through an open window.

Previously, the hand and hair dryer did not look nice. They were big, ugly boxes hung on the walls of public buildings. Today, this is not so. Although both devices are very powerful and have an efficient motor, they are very small in size and usually have dimensions of only 10 x 35 cm. This size makes it possible to find a place almost everywhere. They are well made and are also made of fine plastics, metal or aluminum. Due to the timeless design, they blend in with every area. The lifespan of these devices is over 900 hours and you have many years to enjoy the purchase.

Being compact and sturdy, they are also immune to dust and dirt. A little splash water can not harm the devices. There is also a dust filter on some devices, which you can clean if necessary. Newer and more efficient engines make it possible to consume only a fraction of the power than a few years ago. Studies have shown that 80% less energy is used by a hand dryer than using towels and then washing them. Due to a strong air flow, the average period of the usage of a hand or hair dryer is lowered so far that it usually only comes to a few seconds of operation. This reduces the power consumption even more. With state-of-the-art devices, infrared sensors even help to detect if a hand is still under the drying nozzle. If this is not the case, the device is switched off automatically.

The price for a good hand or hair dryer is about 130 euros, there are of course also some for well over 250 euros. With the benefits these devices provide, the price is a good investment in making your daily routine easier. Especially in swimming pools or gyms they find an ideal place to work, but also in private households do hand and hair dryer have moved in more and more.

Radiant heater

Radiant heaters are used in rooms and areas where there is no permanent presence. They work with short-wave halogen heat that heats up when they hit a body or object. They are often used as patio spotlights or over spool racks in bathrooms to create the fastest possible temperature for the well-being of users.

Infrared radiant heaters have a very diverse range of applications. Wherever a very short heating time, a high energy yield and possibly even a splash guard is desired, these can be used ideally. They are used in catering, in entrance areas, warehouses, markets, balconies and many other areas. People find this infrared radiation very pleasant, which is because it is a radiation that is also part of the sun's energy. Here, however, the infrared radiation is generated by an electrical source. Occasionally, with the help of gas, an infrared radiation can be generated.

In contrast to other heating systems, an infrared radiant heater does not generate any temperature due to the heating of the room air. It gives heat to the illuminated objects, which then heat up and thus bring the environment to temperature. There is no air turbulence or noise. An infrared radiant heater is also used for sterilizing food and laminating foils. In the automotive industry, the processing of wire harnesses with infrared radiant heaters is greatly facilitated.

Basically, the radiant heater is suitable for all persons, it should only be taken to ensure that no one can burn it. Touching should be avoided during operation. The infrared heaters can be fixed to the ceiling or wall with dowels or appropriate screws. As soon as the device is connected to the mains, it can be used. Some radiant heaters emit heat as soon as they are plugged in, while others still have a main switch that must be pressed first. Since there is a certain risk of burns on a radiant heater, it should be installed so that it is not accessible to children. The heating elements are usually protected by covers and not directly accessible.

Most radiant heaters have overheating protection. Remote control or time control today belong to the equipment of some copies. Others have a stepless control and thus ensure heating up to the last corner of a room. At certain intervals you should clean your infrared radiant heater with a dry cleaning cloth. But this only affects the case. The rest and the interior of this device are maintenance-free. Please do not use water for cleaning, since the devices are connected to electricity. Models are available from a price of less than 300 euros to well over 1000 euros. They can be used both privately and commercially and find their applications everywhere.

Use areas

Especially in the transitional period, we have a high demand for modern electric heaters, which can be used immediately and donate heat. Often, these devices are used in the private sector, where the central heating systems can not access immediately and the waiting times are eliminated by the modern electric heater. Modern appliances make it possible for you to save a lot of energy during use, so the additional heating systems become more sustainable and energetic.

In the business sector, it is very important that the right heating systems can be accessed as quickly as possible, thus achieving thermal comfort. Since in the commercial sector a quick response is always required, e.g. reliable radiant heater or other electric fan heater. In addition to commercial use, the electric heaters offer for outdoor and indoor use, here, depending on the benefits of the appropriate heater is selected. The devices are used in hotels, warehouses, restaurants and many other places. A small fan heater can do a lot in the smoking area or winter garden. Within a few minutes, it ensures the desired temperature.

In children's rooms over changing tables, it is advisable to install a radiant heater. This ensures a comfortable warmth and thus prevents the baby from cooling down. In the attic or in the basement usually no fixed heating systems are installed. Here, an electric heater can quickly remedy the situation, banish the freezing cold and you can turn the cellar room into a hobby cellar.

Your KlimaLex Team

ATTENTION: The special lamps provided are used only for the generation of heat in conjunction with said infrared radiant heaters and are not suitable for household room illumination nor intended for use in other applications.