CasaTherm infrared radiant heater - Fast healthy heat everywhere

In autumn, people like to remember the many outdoor breaks in comforting temperatures. But the last rays of the sun do not automatically cause the shivering memories of the cold winter. With a warm and cuddly ambience you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your own home even on cooler days. With a CasaTherm infrared heater, large old apartment buildings, the winter garden, reception halls as well as restaurants and other urban hot spots are transformed into well-tempered meeting places for families and guests. The applications of this universal radiant heater without light emission are diverse and for everyone.

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What is an infrared heater?

When the temperature drops, nobody has to give up the comforting temperatures. The HOTTOP Heatpanel lets you set up the fascinating flair of a conservatory or a cozy gastronomic niche at any time. As an alternative to gas or electric heaters, infrared heaters are also the ideal solution for large rooms and even halls. They do not heat the air in the room, but the area illuminated by them. This in turn allows assembly according to concepts. In addition, it allows various personal uses. Thus, real heat corridors are created. The use of the dark emitters - as the infrared emitters are still called - finds favor, among other things with the following options:

  • High old building spaces
  • hotel lobbies
  • baths
  • exhibition halls
  • Exhibition / Museum Halls
  • Covered winter terraces
  • Reception Events
  • Private conservatory
  • Changing rooms
  • Industrial and Warehouses
  • Public Institutions
  • stable / animal houses

Above all, the warmth is minimized by the operation of the dark radiator. As a result, the heating costs are significantly optimized, especially calculated on the size of the areas and the duration of the application. Infrared radiant heaters are characterized by the following aspects:

  • Even heat distribution
  • Gentle surface heating
  • No raising of dust (suitable for allergy sufferers)
  • Low energy consumption
  • No preheating necessary
  • Favorable purchase price
  • Long service life of individual heating elements
  • Easy installation
  • Fast commissioning via mains
  • Various applications
  • Different versions

Note from KlimaLex: The infrared heaters are getting very hot. For this reason, care must be taken to prevent children or pets from touching the module. In the guest room, therefore, a mounting away from random contacts to choose - it offers a ceiling mounting or a correspondingly high wall mounting with tilt angle.

In addition, the relation of considerable achievement to the space-saving construction of this technical heating device inspires. Above all, the flat design can be easily combined with an already existing room ambience. In dining facilities, the panel is simply hung under the ceiling - even in low rooms, through ducts or false ceilings, decimated height. Different IP protection classes guarantee compliance with the security for the corresponding deployment options. Only a look at the IP level provides information on the scope of protection against moisture, contact, foreign bodies and the authority for outdoor installation.

The CasaTherm Heatpanel HOTTOP

With the dark spot HOTTOP heatpanel the buyers donate a long-wave IR-C radiant heater. This is particularly suitable for commercial use in larger rooms, but also in confined, sheltered outdoor areas. The smaller models with less power are also suitable for use in the private sector. The shapely aesthetics of this model allows a sophisticated integration into an upscale and stylish ambience. In addition, it harmonizes with a modern furnishing concept. The innovative infrared technology with an output of between 1,500 and 3,200 watts promises the ideal solution for heating needs for both semi-detached and architecturally sophisticated old buildings. The targeted deep heat as well as the low housing temperature increase the possibilities in public space and their use in large areas. Thanks to the 1.80 meter long permanent connection, installation takes place almost everywhere - the silicone cables are of course temperature-resistant.

Practice: Spacers allow mounting on wooden surfaces. The temperature on the back is kept remarkably low by means of optimized thermal separation. After the installation, the owners enjoy their desired pleasant atmosphere by means of stepless dimming control.

The comfortable handling is done easily by pressing a button. Soon, the warming rays will unfold through the room to the illuminated object. As a result, the energy is distributed gently. The objects and the environment are thus heated slowly and continuously. Once the device is switched off, the energy consumption drops rapidly. However, the heat in the room will remain for some time until the objects themselves have cooled down. Advantageous is therefore a wall mounting for the traversal of an entire room, the large pool and bathing area or a hall. Alternatively, the ceiling installation with a kind of funnel-shaped heating including especially in the catering enthusiastically. The use predestined especially for quickly desired heat. The orientation towards the following objects is advantageous and reliable for rapid heating:

  • Floor
  • wall
  • blanket
  • Furniture

Since the CasaTherm-dark radiator is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the range of applications of this infrared radiator expands immensely. For use outside, only a roofing must be present. In addition, this HOTTOP heatpanel guarantees simple operation. This is done on the one hand completely uncomplicated via a remote control. On the other hand, the model considers different heat levels for an individually desired, well-tempered environment. For optimal warming in the room, several factors play a major role. These are to be selected according to personal circumstances. These points are relevant for this:

  • Desired surface temperature
  • use
  • heating
  • Scattering of the reflector (in large rooms)

Note: The reduction in CO2 emissions is a staggering 80 percent compared to other radiant heaters. In conjunction with an internal photovoltaic system, institutions as well as private users can make this calculation in favor of ecological as well as economic aspects. In addition to the advantage of a pleasant warmth with comparable sunrays, the infrared panels reveal themselves as ideal heaters for a desirable indoor climate. The overheating of the rooms is completely excluded - ideal for use in the workplace or in public hot spots such as restaurants or museums. The use of a HOTTOP infrared heatpanel thus means efficient heating with just one touch of a button.

Advantages of the CasaTherm HOTTOP spotlight

Infrared heaters boast wonderful features compared to other radiant heaters. But even within the infrared heatpanel, the products of the series CasaTherm HOTTOP convince with respect to other models with great advantages:

  • Warm-up time – The CasaTherm Heatpanel requires little time to reach the set temperature compared to other objects. Thus, it can also be controlled quickly spontaneously, with the required heat is made available at short notice.
  • Pleasant feeling of warmth – The infrared radiation is perceived by humans as particularly pleasant, since it is part of the solar energy in nature. In addition, the heating of the individual objects and not the air changes the pressure conditions in the room only imperceptibly. In contrast to ordinary heaters or stoves, there are sometimes no heat-stifling scenarios. The fact that the illuminated objects heat the surrounding air also causes a more uniform heating of the room.
  • Economics – The infrared heatpanel gives the user a lucrative alternative when it comes to heating in terms of the output budget. In addition to the impressively minimal heat and thus energy loss, they present an enormous power. This can be selected according to your own requirements in different classifications, such as the number of watts.
  • Design – Very simple and with a restrained color, the HOTTOP radiant heater harmoniously blends into a different ambience. Especially noble and modern areas clearly benefit from the appearance of the matt black or silver gray specimens. The installation on the ceiling reveals a technical highlight when looking upwards and makes the infrared radiator otherwise invisible in the room.
  • Freedom from maintenance – In addition to the easy installation, the CasaTherm infrared heaters reveal a technically reliable heat source to the user. Without much effort due to complex work steps, only the power supply must be secured so that the long-lasting construction generates a heart-warming smile in the long run. Although they will run smoothly for years, it is recommended to clean the surface regularly with a cloth. Dirt and dust are simply banned and this provides an even more active and reliable longevity. Haunted and therefore typical errors draw especially conclusions on classic wearing parts. A lamp or other simple defects can be quickly and easily repaired. And even professional repairs of the electrical system by certified craftsman businesses are not costly.

KlimaLex Note: Due to the power supply, the heatpanel should not be cleaned with water.

Furthermore, the CasaTherm heatpanel are suitable for any user. This gives clear advantages, especially in public use, because this does not have to be expected with unwanted effects or even side effects. The selectively desired warming of the premises is the following nothing in the way - and the areal heating of a room is completely easily realized.

Your KlimaLex Team